The Young And The Restless (Y&R) Interview: Eric Braeden Squashes Victor Newman Retirement Rumors, Discusses Childhood In Germany

The Young And The Restless (Y&R) Interview: Eric Braeden Squashes Victor Newman Retirement Rumors, Discusses Childhood In Germany

Eric Braeden sat down with The Charlotte Observer on September 28. He gave a candid interview about his childhood, his early career, and retirement rumors. He squashed the rumors that he was just like Victor Newman on “The Young and the Restless.” For years, the media reported that there was only a fine line between Eric and Victor’s personality. In this interview, he proved himself as a caring compassionate man- and nothing like the great Victor Newman.

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Eric recalled the grief of losing his father at a very young age and growing up in extreme poverty following the World War II. Ninety-six percent of Germany was destroyed by war, bombs, and terrorist attacks in his community.  The Victor Newman actor confessed that he was a very angry child and did not really fully understand where the anger came from. He said he had to overcome his anger to be successful in Hollywood.

He revealed he is very different than Victor Newman. He doesn’t care about business and profits like Victor. He thinks businesses should care more about people and products. “Corporate America should change the way they market their products,” he said. He laughed, “Victor Newman takes on corporate American corruption.”

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Braeden revealed that one of the keys to his success was his fitness regime, and he firmly believes in order to be a healthy person you must be active. Whether it is tennis, MMA, aerobics, or just walking- everyone needs some activity- for their whole body. He revealed he would at no time retire, “Retirement is death to me. I will never retire.”

Eric stated that when he came to the show in 1980, he was tired of doing prime time guest starring roles. He said, “At that point, I had been on all the popular shows such as Gunsmoke, etc., and I was sick of not having my role.” He said that’s when CBS created this wealthy businessman who was struggling to start a family after being raised in an orphanage. “I am grateful for the past 35 years. Never in my wildest dreams, did I expect to be a well-known name I am blessed with my success and my heath,” Eric stated.

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