‘The Young and the Restless’ Interview: Eric Braeden Talks Y&R Retirement Rumors, Politics and November Sweeps

'The Young and the Restless' Interview: Eric Braeden Talks Y&R Retirement Rumors, Politics and November Sweeps“Young and the Restless” wouldn’t be the same without the legendary Eric Braeden. The dynamics of the whole show would change without the evil, yet redeeming Victor Newman. Many fans have stated over the years that they hoped he’d finally retire. Say what you want about the legendary soap superstar, the CBS daytime drama wouldn’t be the same without him. He spoke to Soaps in Depth to clear up any rumors about retirement, talk about politics, and to tell fans how well the writers are doing for November sweeps.

For those fans who follow Eric Braden on twitter, it isn’t a secret that he loves politics. Every year during election time, he sends series of tweets about his favorite politicians and issues. He revealed his preferred pick so far for the presidential race. If no one new joins the race, Braeden revealed that he would be voting for Hilary Clinton. He said her ideals matched his best thus far.

He also cleared up the rumor about his retirement. Soap Opera Spy would like to address this rumor and any future retirement rumors; he will not be retiring- not now or in the future. He said they are all rumors, and at this point in his life; he has no plans to slow down. When and IF he does, he would work with the show to only partially retire. If this should this change at any point, Eric has stated numerous times he’d let them know via Twitter.

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He bragged about the material Chuck Pratt has written for November sweeps. He said, “Its amazing stuff. You all will love it. We have worked very long days to bring you [the fans] the best material possible.” November sweeps are just around the corner, and it looks like it will be an explosive month. Finally, Gabe will be revealed as Adam Newman, an explosion that results in a major character dying at the Newman Ball, and a likely baby snatching storyline. Are you glad that Victor Newman is sticking around in Genoa City? Are you excited about November sweeps?

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  1. Carolyn Good says

    Glad Victor won’t be retiring, but Eric Hillary Clinton, Really?!!

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