‘The Young and the Restless’ Interview: Eric Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott Answer Fan Questions!

'The Young and the Restless' Interview: Eric Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott Answer Fan Questions!

“The Young and the Restless” most epic power couple, Victor Newman and Nikki Newman [Eric Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott] sat down for an online chat with fans on Tuesday August 4th. Here are the top 10 questions and answers from their video chat.

#1 What have been some of your favorite scenes together over the years?

Melody: There are so many favorite scenes, it’s really impossible. I look at the saga of Victor and Nikki as riveting and exciting whether we’re in love or fighting.

Eric: One of the most memorable scenes was about two weeks ago but hasn’t aired yet. It was a helluva scene.

Melody: You have to wait to see it, it’s a very Genoa city moment.

#2 What’s your favorite thing about each other?

Melody: I can’t even explain our chemistry yet. We are Victor and Nikki in the moment. We can count on each other to be spontaneous – he trusts that if he goes off book, I’ll go right along with him.

Eric: You shouldn’t ask that question – if you analyze it too much, it becomes dead and when we’re doing it, it’s magic time. I love that we’ve worked together all these years and we still get along and it’s amazing.

#3 You are parents on the show and in real life. What advice would you give parents?

Melody: Parenting on the show is unreal because of the wealth and privilege Victoria and Nicholas have been given. We both have been very successful parents and are proud of our children – and we have grandchildren – just don’t let them grow up to be actors.

Eric: I just had another grandchild a month ago – If I were to venture into advice, I would say be patient to each other… be loving to your child.

#4 What do you like to do in your spare time?

Melody: I have a very boring life – no parties, no openings – mine couldn’t be further from glamorous. I read… it’s very boring and homey.

Eric: I like to go out with friends to dinner. I love to play sports and work out a lot. I read a lot and love time alone with the New York Times to just read. I tweet to my friends sometimes and talk to my family back in Germany – I’m never ever bored.

#5 What is it like working with Joshua Morrow and Steve Burton?

Melody: I think it’s great – they’re my babies, my boys. I take on a motherly personality with them, you just can’t help it. They are cute, adorable and always into mischief and sometimes need mama to tell them to be good.

Eric: They are both nice and great actors. We’ve know Josh since he was 16 – they’re both very nice guys. Steve Burton couldn’t be nicer – they’re both a pleasure to work with.

#6 What it is about the Victor/Nikki relationship that has attracted fans for so many years?

Melody: Opposites attract. They [Victor and Nikki] are very opposite. There is this elusive attraction that they have and we shouldn’t talk it to death.

Eric: I think when we fight, we’re very honest and it’s very real. We don’t know why, but it works. We look forward to working with each other.

#7 What do you like about working with Amilia Heinle?

Melody: She’s a precious angel. I love her, I want to be near her and in her air space. There is an aura about her that is unusual, loving, kind, and I’m a fan of her humanity.

Eric: She’s just the sweetest girl. Great sense of humor. Very funny.

#8 Do you enjoy playing drunk Nikki and why is she so popular?

Melody: I ask myself that every day. We stumbled up on it and it was so popular. Its a tragic situation, but we find it funny.

Eric: I love it when you play drunk. We should both play drunk. (He demonstrates how Victor would be drunk) It would be hilarious. You’re damn good at it. Sometimes I think, wait a minute, are you okay?

#9 What has been one of your most memorable fan encounters?

Melody: It’s always unpredictable. The responses can vary… some have tried to pick me up and hug me. They just can’t believe it because, to them, we are a family member and are in their living room every day.

Eric: There have been many wonderful ones. I would say that 99% of all encounters with fans have been wonderful and very warm. One sticks out in my mind, when we were in Monte Carlo last year, there was a couple that had flown all the way from Nova Scotia to see us in France.

#10 What is your favorite Victor and Nikki wedding?

Melody: There were only four. My favorite is the first one.

Eric: To me, I don’t remember, it’s just a lot of flowers (laughs). I don’t remember – one flows into the other, you know what I’m saying. I don’t remember a damn thing, I just say I do.

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