‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ (B&B) Spoilers: Rick and Maya Face Discrimination – Jacob Young and Karla Mosley Talk About Realistic Portrayal

'The Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers: Rick and Maya Face Discrimination – Jacob Young and Karla Mosley Talk About Realistic Portrayal“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers reveal that Rick (Jacob Young) and Maya (Karla Mosley) will face their first major obstacle as husband and wife. The happy couple recently had a relaxing honeymoon, but they’ll encounter big drama as they head back to the office. With the exception of Julius (Obba Babatunde), Rick and Maya have had the support of nearly all of their friends and family members. When Bill (Don Diamont) told the world that Maya was transgender, she even had strangers who stood up for her. However, Rick and Maya will soon see the opposite end of the spectrum.

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Jacob Young and Karla Mosley opened up about what we can expect to see as this storyline moves forward. “While many people have been kind and accepting, there are always going to be haters out there,” Young said. “They’re about to encounter some discrimination, and it’s not pretty.”

Mosley echoed the idea that life won’t be a walk in the park for this pairing. “In this story, we want Maya and Rick to live like human beings as realistically as possible, and prejudice and discrimination and violence are sadly part of the reality of what it is to be trans in this country today.” Mosley feels it’s important to continue the love saga and show how “in real life, you don’t get the happily ever after you see in fairy tales.”

Bradley Bell, the executive producer and head writer of “The Bold and the Beautiful,” has made it clear that he wants to delve deep into new territory and cement Karla Mosley as a leading lady. Young believes B&B fans will really be able to relate to the hurdles Maya has to overcome. “I don’t care who you are. Everyone has dealt with some form of discrimination on some sort of level in their lives,” Young noted.

Ultimately, the goal is to present a story that shows the good, the bad and everything in between. Young hopes viewers will come along for the ride. “This is still an educational storyline. It’s an emotional storyline, and I’m thrilled that the audience will continue to experience all of it, just as Rick and Maya get to experience it.” The rumors say the hard times will only make this couple stronger. Stick with “The Bold and the Beautiful” for updates on all the highs and lows of Rick and Maya’s marriage.

So B&B fans, what do you think about the news that Rick and Maya will encounter discrimination? Do you like that they’re giving this storyline a realistic edge? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy often for the latest “Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers, rumors, updates and news.

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