‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ News: Bisexual Male Next On BB – Which Man Will Be Love Interest?

'The Bold and the Beautiful' News: Bisexual Male Next On BB - Which Man Will Be Love Interest?

“Bold and the Beautiful” is reportedly preparing to take on another controversial storyline in the next few months. According to Daytime Confidential on Monday, the casting director is looking for a bisexual male that is ready for romance. It didn’t list any potential love interests for the character, yet. It is surprising the show would bring on a new character with a controversial storyline after the fan backlash they received with Maya’s (Karla Mosley) transgender reveal.

Maya and Rick’s (Jacob Young) love story was a unique storyline that not many fans supported at the time. When Rick found out Maya’s secret, many fans were sure they wouldn’t make it to the altar. Rick surprised everyone when he married Maya, despite her past.

The new character named ‘Christian’ was described as a white male that is 25-29 years old. He was described as a man with a great fashion sense, sophisticated, friendly, and a great sense of humor. It would be the first time the show had cast a bisexual character. Many fans feel that it may be too soon after the transgender storyline.

It is not clear what type of love interest the writers are planning for Christian. It could be a male or female since they are writing the character a bisexual. At the moment, the show doesn’t have any other bisexual characters. If they are planning for him to have a romantic interest, he would partner with either a man or woman in an established relationship.

It is rumored that they are bringing a bisexual character in order to reveal that one of the established actors is gay or bisexual. It seems more likely they would pair him with one of the female characters with a complication of being bisexual. At this point, no one knows any other details other than the character’s name and description.

The jury is still out if the fans would accept another controversial storyline. “B&B” seems to be pushing the envelope lately. SOS fans, do you think the show is pushing it too far with so many controversial storylines? Do you think the fans would support a bisexual storyline? Soap Opera Spy will let you know when we have more details about Christian and his first air date.

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  1. Wilberetta Robinson says

    Something exciting to see.

  2. Cheryl McMurtrey says

    Not going to watch .. To much focus on controversial issues .. Personally I want to see more of the characters they have already .. It’s only a 30 minute show with about 10 minutes of commercials.. I want more Bill, Katie , Brooke storylines .. I watched the show more when Bill was with Brooke .. Those two have so much chemistry .. Not interested at all in Ridge , Caroline and Thomas .. No chemistry there .. ( my opinion) I want to see the shoe recast Hope or bring the original a tree back .. All those plot lines were very good ..,I haven’t watched lately .. Guess I won’t be watching much in the future if the writers keep on and on with basically the same storylines .. I am glad that Maya and Rick were married.. That was enough .

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