Soap Masterpieces November Throwbacks: B&B Quinn Fuller Rips Into Donna Logan

Soap Masterpieces November Throwbacks: B&B Quinn Fuller Rips Into Donna LoganToday’s spotlight is on “The Bold and the Beautiful” is a scene where Quinn [Rena Sofer] rips into Donna [Jennifer Gareis]. The scene was aired in late 2013; the acting in the confrontation was intense and just perfect.

The scene starts with Quinn attacking Donna for being a gold digger Donna becomes irritated immediately and told her, “You don’t know me or anything about me!” Quinn tells her she got this massive divorce settlement from Bill Spencer [Don Diamont], and now she has a ‘huge bowl of cash.’ She says, “And how do you spend your days? Oh, that’s right-you’re a secretary, without your own desk- but you have a huge pile of cash.” She continued to rip her to shreds, “Donna, you slept your way to the top. “Quinn says, “And you want to know how much respect I have for that, Donna? ZERO!”

Quinn explains that she worked her butt off to make it to the top using her intellect and skills, not her body. She puts her on warning, “You do not want to cause problems for me!” Donna tells her, “You see a playful moment between Eric and me? [ She was referring to her witnessing Donna sucking his fingers in the kitchen]. THIS is none of your business, Quinn. Maybe you should just leave!”

Quinn becomes all up in arms and told her, “Oh no honey, you do NOT get to tell me when to leave!” She continued, “Donna, Donna, Donna [shakes her head at her] I am an essential part of Forrester Creations, and I am not going anywhere.” Donna tells her, “Look, I have been involved with Forrester Creations a long time. I have seen people come and go. My intuition is SCREAMING that you are no good for the company or Eric [John McCook]. You did a great job raising Wyatt [Darin Brooks]. I do commend you on that- I do. However, that being said, there is something REALLY off about you, Quinn. I get the feeling you are nothing but trouble.” Quinn appears to have left, but she stayed watching Donna and Eric kiss and eventually broke a picture of the happy couple.

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