General Hospital Spoilers: Was Fluke Just Revealed To Be Luke Spencer or Were We Served Another Red Herring?

General Hospital Spoilers: Was Fluke Just Revealed To Be Luke Spencer or Were We Served Another Red Herring?

After a year of waiting, on Friday January 30th, 2015’s episode of General Hospital it appeared that the identity of Fluke was finally revealed. It seems that Fluke must be Luke Spencer as the story below will explain. Luke’s son-in-law Dante [Dominic Zamprogna] was at the Spencer’s childhood home because he was convinced that Luke [Anthony Geary] was tied up in the basement, Dante was determined to save him.

Even though the house was condemned and Dante was told to stay away, why would that stop Dante?  While Dante was trying to break into the basement, Fluke walked in and demanded to know what Dante was up to.  Dante spilled to Fluke that he knew Fluke was impersonating his father-in-law who he knew was tied up in the basement.  Dante pulled a gun on Fluke and had Fluke handcuff himself to the bannister.  Needless to say Fluke was not pleased as Dante continued to use a crowbar to pry open the basement door.  As Dante got it open and walked to the top of the stairs Fluke got loose from the handcuffs and pushed Dante down the stairs.

At this point fans were excited,  with Dante in the mix it looked like the Fluke story would finally be coming to an end.  Fluke headed downstairs where Dante laid bleeding and walked over to Luke who has been tied up for months. Luke screamed for Dante but Fluke told him, “He can’t hear you, look at that crack his Bensonhurst skull left in the cement.”

Fluke then told Luke, “the haunted Star is going to blow sky-high with everyone you love aboard.” As Dante started to come too, Fluke took the crowbar and whacked Dante and said, “The should keep you quiet, long enough not to interfere with my surprise that I have waiting for the two of you.”  He then set a bomb on Luke and said, “the bomb at the Haunted Star is already set, this one is for you and the cop.”

Fluke left for the party at the Haunted Star and super Dante, who was pushed down stairs, hit with a crowbar and was bleeding from the headed started to come too.  Dante’s eyes started to focus , he called out for Luke.  As the room came into focus, we slowly started to see Luke’s body thought Dante’s eyes and as Dante got to the top of the body we waited to see Luke’s face, but gasp… it wasn’t Luke, it was and old, dead, decaying body…. Quelle surprise….

The big reveal? Oh, No… after months and months of waiting does it all boil down to another case of Helena Cassadine mind control, this time over Luke Spencer?  Well that seems to be the implication.  Right now it seems that Fluke has been having conversations with a desecrated corpse who he thinks is Luke Spencer tied to a chair.

But lets poke a big hole in that….  If Fluke is Luke how will GH explain that Julian Jerome told Alexis that he met Fluke in “Witness Protection.”   Julian also revealed that Fluke had plastic surgery to make him look like Luke. That detail alone screams that the dead body in the chair is another red herring in a long list of red herrings and in fact Fluke was talking to a captive Luke Spencer who was switched out for the corpse after Fluke left.

Fans have been wracking their brains for months and coming up with many different identities for Fluke i.e. Damien Smith, Anthony Zachary, Bill Eckert and on and on.  GH has been dropping hints too, leading fans to change their theories on a weekly basic.  Seeing the whole mystery come down to mind control, seems somewhat absurd and a big letdown.

Once the episode aired fans took too twitter and tweeted both executive producer Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati and let them know how disappointed they were.  Many felt that the big reveal (if it was) was just a rip-off of a similar OLTL storyline,  others felt like the Fluke story was far from over.

What are your thoughts SOSers?  Is the Fluke story over?  Has Fluke’s identity been revealed or is this just another red herring?  Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Young_Inamaria says

    Well thought for long time Luke was fake Luke controlled by Helena.
    Ony thing that bothers me on Friday show with Dante in basement,
    basment should be old not Washer and Dryer!.
    Does not fit in with rest of house, always thought fake Luke talking to himself.
    Luke never like Helena, under her control, he hated her, wiould never work with her.
    How if real Luke as fake Luke be hard to be forgiven of what he done to so many

    1. sos says

      I agree the whole thing does not make a lot of sense. It looks like GH is going with mind control but that is absurd. Let not forget Fluke helped Julian create Wells Publishing and that was way before Connie died and before Fluke hit the city in early 2013.. Are we expected to believe Luke has been under mind control since then? I just don’t buy it!

  2. Seward says

    Ok I am confused. So FLuke is really LUke? Then what about the. Bones? How could the dna come back as LUke? My thought is RObin must have been really busy in that lab, while she was bringing back the dead, she was also able to manufacture Dna, Amazing!

  3. Mumdeb48 says

    I sure hope that the writers have a good reason for their Luke character acting like such a “Puke”! I hope he doesn’t stay acting like this, and especially trying to kill his sister and daughter! This would be so tragic, and I would have to stop watching GH if they do because it is an insult to the fans to rewrite Luke’s character that we all have loved for so many years!

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