‘General Hospital’ Spoilers – Liz’s Day of Judgment Is Here! Jason and Sam Confront Her Lies Next Week!

'General Hospital' Spoilers – Liz’s Day of Judgment Is Here! Jason and Sam Confront Her Lies Next Week!‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers indicate that Liz Webber’s (Rebecca Herbst) day of judgment is almost upon her and she will have to answer to Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) for her months of lying. On the Friday, November 4th show, Liz is called to answer for her actions.

Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) shows up angry and tells Liz she knows that she’s been hiding the truth about Jason. You’ll recall that Sam overheard little Jake Spencer (James Nigbor) talking to Danny Morgan and told him that Liz and Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) had a secret.

Jake said it was about his daddy Jason. Sam then set up a play date between Jason’s sons so she could try and get the truth out of the kid. Unfortunately, Jake freaked out a bit and Sam decided to back off so she couldn’t get the truth from him but was undeterred.

Sam called Laura over and grilled her – Laura did not tell the truth but she also did not outright lie and just skirted around the issue – but that was a big red flag for Sam. Laura then alerted Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) that the jig was about to be up.

Nikolas left Liz a voice mail with urgent news but she was too busy getting busy with Jason to answer her phone. Looks like Liz will call Nikolas back today and he’ll give her the bad news but then Sam will be at her door. Sam tells Liz she knows what she’s done.

Jason is there when Sam comes for the showdown and he’s had enough of this and shuts Sam down then asks her to leave their home. Sam goes but is still angry. But after Liz leaves the room, Jason will have second thoughts and is curious to know what Sam knows.

Once Sam lays out for Jason all that she’s found out, he’ll become convinced that Liz has not been honest. Worst yet, Jason will know she’s been scheming with Nikolas, whom Jason hates with a passion. Will Jason walk away from Liz for good?

Liz will try to explain to Jason that she didn’t know for a while – but the fact is she’s known for certain since the Nurse’s Ball. Liz will insist she loves him and tried so many times to tell him. But one thing Jason has in common with past-Jason is that temper.

Jason will be blinded by anger and we’ll likely see him walk out on Liz. But will he turn to Sam? Remember, Jason still doesn’t know Sam. The bottom line is he could turn away from both Sam and Liz in this painful situation.

What do you think GH fans? Do these ‘General Hospital’ spoilers have you chomping at the bit to see Liz answer for her months of lying? Do you think Jason will turn to Sam or will he head off alone to sort things out in his head?

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  1. Angel says

    I am still chomping at the bit – waiting for Sam to legally pay for her part in Jake’s kidnapping and the hiring of the gunmen, putting little children’s lives at risk.Both punishable by jail time according to the law. And for the people to find out what she did, not keep it a secret…then we can talk about a lie which did not endanger anyone’s life..We have seen one consequence of Sam’s involvement in this –little Emma was threatened…she was safe under Liz’s secret..and so were Danny and the other children. When Paul and the mob start to threaten the kids as part of his take over of Sonny’s territory–to use against Jason, again thanks to Sam carrying on when Jason asked her to stop.

  2. Adelinebaros@yahoo.com says

    It’s about time liz gets caught. Want Jason and Sam together start sparking.

  3. linda says

    Jason will either stay with Liz or go off on his own for awhile. Don’t think he will be back with Sam for awhile. The writers should have him be hypnotized to help his memory.

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