‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jonathan Jackson Reprises Role As Lucky Spencer To Bid Farewell To Anthony Geary!

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Jonathan Jackson Reprises Role As Lucky Spencer To Bid Farewell To Anthony Geary!

Jonathan Jackson may currently be busy starring in the prime time hit series Nashville, but the actor was certainly able to find time to return to his roots on General Hospital as Lucky Spencer to say goodbye to Anthony Geary, who plays Luke Spencer.

Jonathan Jackson recently spoke with TVLine about his return to General Hospital and how he felt about reprising his role as Lucky Spencer.

TVLine asked Jackson how he was able to make time to return to General Hospital, despite being so busy with Nashville and his own tour. Jackson said that it was not easy, but he would not have missed out on it. “It was definitely tricky. We looked at the amount of work I was going to try to accomplish on General Hospital and then figure out how much I could do in a short period of time…”

Jackson goes onto reveal that when he had a break from his tour he flew to Los Angeles with his daughter, allowing him to enjoy his vacation with her while filming, what he says, was “a week’s worth of work in two days.” Jackson says that filming with Anthony Geary again was very special and that he had a great time being a part of it.

Unfortunately, when TVLine asked “can you give me the gist of those scenes,” those scenes referring to the scenes Genie Francis referred to as scenes that “really moved her,” Jonathan Jackson was reluctant to answer. He said, “I was so excited to see Genie and get to work with her again. I don’t know, it’s hard to get the gist of the scenes without giving too much away.” Darn! It looks like they are doing their best to keep everything under wraps until it all airs.

Jonathan Jackson did reveal that he shot four episodes, and that he had a great time filming some more heartfelt scenes. Yet again, when Jonathan Jackson was asked what Lucky has been up to, and if fans will find out, he responded with an answer that will leave fans wanting to know more. He said, “I don’t think so, in a very specific way. I think it’s more in these vague terms.” What does that even mean!?

If you cannot wait to find out what the writers over at General Hospital have in store for Jonathan Jackson as Lucky Spencer, then be sure to continue to watch the summer season of General Hospital as we get ready to bid farewell to Anthony Geary.

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