‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Dante and Lulu Break-Up, Can Lulu Forgive Dante’s Cheating – The End of Lante?

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Dante and Lulu Break-Up, Can Lulu Forgive Dante's Cheating - The End of Lante?

“General Hospital” spoilers tease there is trouble in paradise with Dante Falconeri and Lulu Spencer, and GH fans will probably see one of Port Charles’ most beloved couples break up before the week is up. Lulu recently ran off with Dillon Quartermaine to save her brother Lucky, and parents Luke and Laura Spencer. Of course, she couldn’t tell her husband Dante the real reason she was leaving town, so he made his own assumptions and had sex with Valerie while Lulu was away.

On The Wednesday July 8 episode of “General Hospital,” Lulu returned to Port Charles and Emme Rylan and Dominic Zamprogna delivered some mind-blowing scenes that had GH fans buzzing all day. In heart-wrenching twist Lulu professed her love to Dante and swore she didn’t cheat on him with Dillon. Then, she delivered this ironic line, “Baby you can trust me just like I trust you.” Dante nearly broke down in tears, and informed Lulu that she really can’t trust him.

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“General Hospital” spoilers indicate that it does not look good for Lulu and Dante. Dante can’t exactly hide the fact that he had sex with Valerie even if he tried, he’s always been an honest character. Ironically, Dante had sex with Valerie because he thought Lulu was cheating with Dillon. In a bizarre twist of fate, Dante’s paranoia and hook up with Valerie could wind up driving Lulu straight in to Dillon’s arms. We’re going to have to wait and see how this all plays out on the ABC soap, do you think Lulu will forgive Dante? Will he come clean about Valerie or try to hide his affair? Will Lulu wind up with Dillon Quartermaine as a result of it? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Shelly says

    He will probably try to hide it & valerie will become pregnant.

  2. Tashia says

    Lulu saw the broken picture at the end of today’s episode. I think she will figure it out after she hears what Carly has to say. Donte will give her some kind of indication but I don’t believe he’s going be a man of honesty and fees up. Valerie was always after Donte right after her mother died she tried 2 kill Luke and ever since he was there 4 her I knew it was alot more she wanted from him

  3. Linda says

    Dante needs to come clean asap if he waits it will only be worse. she loves him enough that in time she will forgive him.

  4. Becky Maples says

    I think they will break up but I’m really hoping that Lulu forgives him because I love them as a couple and all that they have been thru I know Dante really loves her. I hope Valerie doesn’t become pregnant, she needs to get the heck out of dodge, she’s nothing but trouble. Please don’t break Dante & Lulu up

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