General Hospital Spoilers 2015 Nurse’s Ball: Major Character Returns, Jason Morgan Identity Reveal, Two Proposals and a Ghost?

General Hospital Spoilers 2015 Nurse’s Ball: Major Character Returns, Jason Morgan Identity Reveal, Two Proposals and a Ghost?

“General Hospital” spoilers for the 2015 Nurse’s Ball are rolling in, the highly anticipated charity ball is set to air on the ABC soap opera on Friday May 1, Monday May 4, and Tuesday May 5. The annual Nurse’s Ball will feature singing, dancing, and of course a heavy dose of drama as all of our favorite Port Charles residents gather to raise money for HIV and AIDS awareness. According to GH spoilers, fans will not want to miss a single second of it!

The 2015 Nurse’s Ball is always packed full of excitement and revelations, but according to some spoilers straight from ABC – this year’s charity event will be must-see television. An official press release from ABC teases, “During the festivities, Jake’s true identity is discovered; two proposals are made; one familiar face visits Port Charles; “magic” makes a mesmerizing comeback due to popular demand; and will a phantom haunt the Nurses Ball this year?” GH fans have been waiting months for the residents of PC to finally learn that Jake Doe is none other than Jason Morgan, it seems fitting that the big reveal will occur during the Nurse’s Ball of all places.

Also, “General Hospital” spoilers and coming and going news tease that one fan-favorite will make a comeback for a special storyline during the Nurse’s Ball. During Fan February GH fans were asked to vote on which character they would like to see return: Courtney Matthews, Stefan Cassadine, Mike Corbin or Serena Baldwin. The “General Hospital” cast and crew are keeping their lips sealed about the results of the voting, and fans will have to turn in to the Nurse’s Ball for the big reveal.

Are you as excited as we are for the 2015 Nurse’s Ball? How do you think the residents of Port Charles will take the news when they learn that Jason Morgan is alive? What do you think they mean by “Magic” returning to the soap opera? Who is getting proposed to? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. mary moser says

    These story lines have been to long-stupid-unblievable and do boring. So who cares anymore. The nurses ball is not going to stop the down hill slide into cancellation. Get new writers.

    1. Dee says

      I so agree, The Nurses Ball stories are a waste of my story time… My opinion I love GH and their story lines are interesting enough; they waste 2 days of silly sexual plots, Adding sexual strippers Lucy and Lucy break up not funny nor interesting……….

      1. kiki says

        Very true what you, haters stay away from GH website.

    2. Robin says

      I Watch 3 Of The $ Soaps Gh Is By Far The Best Soap There Is, I Have Been Watching Gh for The Whole 52 Yrs So U Need To stop Saying Its Bad.It’s People Like U That Will Get It Canceled.

  2. patti miller says

    Change the channel and stay away from GH websites if you hate it that much. Life is too short. Find what makes you happy.

    1. Mary says

      You are so right don’t like don’t watch it. Real simple

    2. Laurie says

      I enjoy Nurse’s Ball pretty well. Never seen it be boring. I feel 1 proposal may be Ric to Liz (oy) & I don’t know..esp since on today’s show they said it was “tomorrow”..they did this with November sweeps, too. Franco said Halloween was “tomorrow” but it was like 2 wks out-RC released a statement & said Franco just misspoke. But if it is tomorrow in their time the next, what, 6 days for them will still be today? It must be Shawn to Jordan. The nurses ball is for a great cause so I hate that someone’s reportedly is going to die there this year. And I don’t believe everyone will find out Jake’s Jason because until recently that sl has been moving slow. I certainly HOPE so, but I wanna see it with my own eyes first.

  3. Dee says

    Speaking MY mind, the Nurses Ball is a waste of story. Dumb and never been interesting to me.

  4. Sandi says

    For all you people that are complaining if you don’t like it don’t watch. I love GH, the nurses ball and the writers are fantastic. I have been a fan for 50 years and GH is better now then it’s been for a long time. The only problem that I have is I would like to see Steve Burton and Scott Reeves back.

  5. Sarah says

    If u dont like the show or the story just dont watch some of us like the story line and like the nurses ball.

  6. Stephanie says

    I like the Ball… It is for a great cause and i love that GH give awareness….

  7. amanda says

    all these people talking about the nurse ball being boring. There is no telling how much awareness and money they have raise for HIV and AIDS. So get over it.

  8. Diane says

    I love the Nurse’s Ball! I love seeing the actors have fun and doing something different! I’ve always enjoyed it and always set time aside to watch it. I will say Lucy losing her clothes is getting old but that’s our Lucy! Playing her character has got to be exhausting!

    I’m still watching after 50 years and will continue to watch and I’m patient enough to let the writers tell the story. Good job!

  9. Heather M says

    I can’t wait till it comes out that Jake is Jason. I DON’T want him with Elizabeth tho! Sam still loves Jason and I think she will leave Patrick for him but with Jake not fully knowing he’s Jason I don’t see him going back to Sam right now 🙁 as for the ball I LOVE it, it’s nice to put a spin on things every once in a while and it’s always NEVER a dull moment at the ball, how could anyone NOT love it… unless your not a TRUE fan of GH that is!! I will watch GH thru thick and thin no matter how mad it makes me some times cause the cast seriously feels like a part of my family even tho I don’t really know any of them lol! Guess that’s just how a die hard GH fan feels! As for a ghost at the ball I have a feeling it will be Stone!!!

  10. Wini Jennings says

    Love GH as for the Nurses Ball it’s great and for a good cause. The best story line of all time for me was Robin and Stone’s love story it still brings tears to my eyes. The proposals are probably Patrick to Sam and Rich to Liz both will Never result in marriage I pray!

  11. karen ramsey says

    i look forward to the nurse’s ball every year not only for the drama but to see the talented cast performing. and who couldn’t love the men doing their magic mike routine? hot! love to see which old character will pop back into port charles for the ball. there have been hints we will see robin which is natural seeing she brought jason back to life. glad jake finds out he is jason. hope he goes after ric after bringing a fake wife to port charles. you don’t want to mess with jason when he is angry!

  12. Whiners says

    Mind boggling that people are whining about the Nurse’s Ball. It was gone from the show for YEARS and only just returned. And you’re acting as though its something you have to watch every single day. Thankfully, you’re clearly in the minority-if the Nurse’s Ball wasn’t popular, they would’t continue to do it.
    Hopefully you’ll spend May 4 & 5 doing something you actually enjoy doing in life, rather than whining and complaining about 2 hours of General Hospital that you’re already convinced you will hate.

  13. Eileen Hargis says

    GHs ratings are going up! Not down, get ur facts straight before coming on here griping. If ur not happy with the show, leave. But dont complain and fuss. Its better than its been in years. The writing is crisp and sparkles.

  14. Shari says

    I think the Jason reveal will only be to Jason and possibly Liz and will stay a secret from everyone else because Jake will see Patrick propose to Sam and not want to mess up Sam’s life. I think the other proposal will be Brad and Lucas. I hope the favorite come back is Stefan since he was winning every time I checked but I keep hearing it may be Courtney. Why do a vote if you are going to pick your own winner anyway. I am looking forward to Magic Mike. Bring it on! I also happen to like Nathan with Ellie. I think they have potential. Geek girl with hot guy. I hope RC goes there.

  15. Lynette says

    I love the Nurses Ball, we get to see the talents (expressed in a different way) of the actors. Its a great cause and helped with Aides awareness when it started. General Hospital is a great show and although I think we all have a right to our opinion-if you don’t like the show why would you be on this site in the first place, why not be on a site supporting what you do like?? Keep rockin it GH, my only suggestion is bring back Genie Francis and if it is totally impossible at least make mention of her more often, after all she didn’t die.

  16. Debbie says

    Love GH. Miss the soap network. I work and miss it often. But I make sure to watch it.on demand. Been watching the show since I was a little girl. My mother watched daily. Although I didn’t understand what was going on ad I grew up I looked forward to seeing the actors I remembered. Now I just cannot wait to see the show. Nurses ball is one of my favorites. Enjoy something different. The cast seems to be enjoying themselves as well. Good cause and so much fun. Never disappointed. Writers are wondeful. The actors just as wonderful. Thanks for giving me an hour if down time. Getting away from day to day stress and being able to relax and just enjoy. Nice job

  17. connie Blizzard says

    OMG…..folks stop complaining …..The Nurses Ball is always great. I love GH and always be a devoted fan. If you don’t like it then don’t watch but don’t spoil it for all the millions of fans…….can’t wait

  18. Virginia Frazer says


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