General Hospital Rumors: Sam Gets Jake Hired By Her Dad, Jake’s Wife Shows Up?

General Hospital Rumors: Sam Gets Jake Hired By Her Dad, Jake's Wife Shows Up?

On General Hospital remember that the conditions of Jake Doe [Billy Miller] escaping prosecution for his criminal antics while under mind control set by Commission Sloane [Grayson McCouch] includes him going undercover with the Jerome crime family as Sloane’s spy. But this may be easier said than done. Even though Julian Jerome [William deVry] is looking to rebuild his criminal organization, it’s not like he’s going to put out a job ad on Craigslist “Seeking experienced mobsters. Generous salary plus benefits.”

Without a job ad to respond to, how is Jake going to get in with the Jeromes? Since Carly Corinthos [Laura Wright] knows what’s going on with Jake, she helps him talk through his plans. Jake is dressing to leave the hospital and she advises him to chat up Sam Morgan [Kelly Monaco] since she’s Julian’s daughter. Carly tells Jake that Julian will jump through hoops to make Sam happy. Carly encourages him to talk to Sonny even though he reminds her that he kidnapped her.

Patrick Drake [Jason Thompson] had just brought up in front of Liz Webber [Rebecca Herbst] that Jake said he had a vision of him being in bed with Sam when he saw Patrick with her when he was creeping around while they were in bed. That had Jake really self-conscious about talking to Sam again. But spoilers indicate that Jake will talk to Sam and tell her that he needs a job but that his skill set isn’t exactly white collar. Don’t expect Jake to outright ask for a job with Julian but to hint around until Sam does.

Plus Sam may also be more receptive because when Damien Spinelli [Bradford Anderson] saw Jake from the back, the first thing he said was “Stone Cold” because he immediately thought it was Jason when he saw him standing there in a tight black t-shirt next to Carly. That stopped Sam in her tracks as The Jackal told her that Jason is still alive and is standing there. Wow. Everyone else has been walking around Jake for weeks and nothing. Spinelli sees him for a split second and knows exactly who he is.

Of course, don’t look for anyone else in Port Charles to embrace this truth tell. In fact, all the other people around will talk Spinelli out of thinking it’s Jason. He’ll back off, but this should prompt him to bust out his Jackal hacking skills and go to work to find out exactly who Jake is. It shouldn’t take him too long. Maybe if Sam would just give Jake a kiss, it would all be settled. But she’ll have to get in line behind Liz who is all about the amnesiac hunk despite Ric Lansing’s [Rick Hearst] objections.

Spoilers indicate Liz will try to block Sam from Jake and keep him to herself. But then an even bigger rumor has it that Rebecca Budig, who has recently been cast as a “mystery woman” on ‘General Hospital’, will show up in Port Charles and get between Liz and Jake. She may claim to be Jake’s wife and may try to do a Total Recall on him and fill him in on a fake life that never happened.

If this rumor plays out, it will no doubt be Helena Cassadine [Constance Towers] who’s behind it since she’s the only one besides Nikolas Cassadine [Tyler Christopher] who knows who Jake is. And Nikolas is busy with Spencer Cassadine [Nicolas Bechtel] at Shriner’s Hospital dealing with his medical woes. I personally think Liz is being greedy. She’s got Ric, she should leave Jake alone. But then again, Sam has Patrick, so it’s anyone’s game.

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