‘General Hospital’ RUMOR: Will Lulu And Dante’s Break-Up And Cheating With Valerie Lead To An Embryo War?

'General Hospital' Rumor: Will Lulu And Dante's Break-Up And Cheating With Valerie Lead To An Embryo War?General Hospital’ RUMORS are floating that Lulu Spencer [Emme Rylan] may take drastic action once she assumes that Dante Falconeri [Dominic Zamprogna] and Valerie Spencer [Brytni Sarpi] are having an affair, not just a one-night stand. This may lead to an embryo war.

When Dante was on stakeout with Valerie the other night, he took a call from a lawyer friend of his – you may have missed this – it was at about the halfway point of the show and was just a couple of second exchange, but GH writers Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman are intentional.

They rarely put in dialog that’s just filler – everything has a meaning and often foreshadows plots to come. Dante ended the call and told Valerie that he wanted to find out if both parents had to sign off on an embryo implantation. Lulu threw out her fertility meds, but there must be more to this.

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And again on the Tuesday, November 24th show, Dante told Lulu he thought she would try and use their embryo without him when she served him with separation papers. Even if Lulu wasn’t thinking about it already, she might now be considering it, but for what reason?

We know that Valerie and Dante are working closely together and that Valerie comforts Dante on Thanksgiving, but will Lulu try and implant the embryo to punish Dante or try and lure him back from what she falsely assumes is a new relationship he’s establishing with Valerie?

It seems like lately that Lulu’s only exercise is jumping to conclusions. Girl needs to get a hobby or spend some more time at her job. Yes, Valerie is totally conniving to steal Dante away from Lulu, but the way Lulu is acting, she’s practically gift-wrapping her husband for Val.

And if Lulu does try and use the embryo to punish or lure Dante, could that action push Dante to move from separation to divorce? This whole thing is going to get so much messier soon. We know Dillon Quartermaine [Robert Palmer Watkins] is still interested in Lulu.

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On Wednesday’s show, Dillon told his parents that he’s going back to LA, but will Lulu change his mind? If Lulu spies Dante and Valerie hanging on Thanksgiving, she may turn to Dillon for comfort and further entangle this four way romance debacle with some revenge sex.

Looks like the embryo drama is far from over and that spark of life could soon become a major source of contention between Dante and Lulu. Plus, there’s always the chance that Val could turn up preggers if she can get Dante back into bed with her – she’s not above a scheme like that.

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  1. Denysecollymore says

    Since Dante’s about to get caught w/Valerie & singed the papers. Why would Lulu go through w/getting pregnant?

  2. Sandra says

    I thought Johnny was coming back. It would be great if him and lulu got back together. Dante has not tryed at all to save his marriage.

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