‘General Hospital’ Poll: Who Will Make it Down The Aisles and Get Married During GH Wedding Season?

'General Hospital' Poll: Who Will Make it Down The Aisles and Get Married During GH Wedding Season?

It’s wedding season in Port Charles! Couples all over town are ready to walk down the aisle, put a ring on it, and say “I do.” Check out these juicy ‘General Hospital’ spoilers about upcoming weddings, whether they will work out, and what could wreck these much-anticipated wedding ceremonies. Here’s what you need to know about these couplings.

Lucas and Brad

Of the three couples we’ll look at today, Lucas Jones [Ryan Carnes] and Brad Cooper [Parry Shen] have been engaged the longest. You’ll remember that Brad proposed to Lucas at the Nurse’s Ball and he seemed sincere at the time about them getting hitched. But Brad hasn’t been 100% honest with Lucas. To be fair, Lucas wasn’t honest with Brad either – remember, Lucas didn’t tell Brad he was a doctor and it was Bobbie Spencer [Jaclyn Zeman] who spilled those beans.

But this is kind of a bigger deal. Brad has some family issues that he hasn’t shared with Lucas. The big question is, which family is it? Is it Brad’s conservative adoptive family that perhaps don’t know he’s gay? Or is it his biological Asian mobster family? Some ‘General Hospital’ rumors are floating about that Brad may have previously been forced into a marriage with a woman. Was this some anti-gay thing by the adopted family or some arranged marriage mob thing thing by the Asian side of the family?

Either way, Brad won’t be able to muster up the courage to tell Lucas the truth and will instead call off the wedding. Lucas will be crushed but will press to find out why Brad is trying to break them up. The only other person who knows Brad’s secret is Felix DuBois [Marc Samuel]. There’s also a rumor that Brad’s mob family may be moving into Port Charles. Could it be that Brad is trying to protect Lucas from greater future hurt? But for now, Lucas will be reeling and crushed.

Sonny and Carly

Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard] just re-proposed to Carly Corinthos [Laura Wright] since he’s loving her and loving seeing her as baby Avery’s new mom. They’re both excited about the news, but Michael Quartermaine [Chad Duell] is less than enthusiastic that his mom and adoptive dad are getting hitched yet again. Michael is not going to dance at their wedding when Sonny killed Mikey’s dad AJ then both of them lied to him about it. But Michael’s disapproval won’t hold them back.

What might hold them back is Ric Lansing [Rick Hearst] or Franco [Roger Howarth]. Carly humiliated Ric when he tried to propose to Liz Webber [Rebecca Herbst], so why would Ric sit idly by and let Carly get her happily ever after? Ric may sit on his hands despite his anger simply because he’s scared of Sonny’s wrath. Franco, though, is pretty fearless. Carly and Sonny’s best hope with Franco is that he’s too busy with Nina Clay [Michelle Stafford] to care what they’re up to.

Early ‘General Hospital’ rumors indicated a September wedding for Sonny and Carly, but more recent spoilers indicate that their nuptials will be much sooner – on August 7th. And Sonny and Carly’s wedding will have a big upset, but likely not the one anyone is expecting – Damien Spinelli [Bradford Anderson] figures out that Jake Doe [Billy Miller] is Jason Morgan and announces it at their wedding. Will Carly and Sonny’s shock that their mutual BFF is alive shut down the ceremony?

Patrick and Sam

This proposal has not happened yet, but very, very soon, Patrick Drake [Jason Thompson] will get on one knee and pop the big question to Sam Morgan [Kelly Monaco]. Sam will happily say yes because she has no idea, as yet, that her real husband Jason is alive and back in Port Charles. With Hayden Barnes [Rebecca Budig] set to wake around July 31st, you have to wonder how fast the news will spread. There has also been a GH rumor that Patrick would figure out who Jake is but not tell.

Could Patrick overhear Hayden talking to Jake and rush to propose before Sam gets word that her hubby is alive, just so he has a fighting chance of keeping her? And if Jake does know that he’s Jason, will he keep it quiet for now while he tries to figure out if getting back with Sam is the right thing in light of this proposal and her having a happy family with Patrick while he has a pretty sweet deal going with Liz and their returned son Jake Spencer [James Nigbor]?

We also know that by August 7, all of Port Charles will know that Jake is Jason, so this proposal will take place very soon – plus Brad has been prodding Patrick to “put a ring on it.” But will Sam and Patrick make it to the altar? Will Sam and Jason have a heart to heart and decide they’re both in love with other people and are comfortable staying friends while moving on? Remember, just because Jake finds out he’s Jason doesn’t mean all his memories and emotions will come back.

So what do you think General Hospital fans? Which couples, if any, which will actually make it down the aisle and say their I do’s and live happily ever after?

Will it be:
Lucas Jones and Brad Cooper
Sonny Corinthos and Carly Corinthos
Patrick Drake and Sam Morgan

Vote then share your comments below on what you think about these upcoming nuptials – and be sure to check back daily with Soap Opera Spy for more ‘General Hospital’ spoilers, news, and polls.

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