‘General Hospital’ POLL: Which GH Actor Would You Like To See On Dancing With The Stars?

'General Hospital' POLL: Which GH Actor Would You Like To See On Dancing With The Stars?

ABC airs both “General Hospital” and “Dancing with the Stars.” It seems like a great combination to promote “GH” by asking one of the fan favorites to compete on the prime-time show. It looks like ABC already thought of it, too. Ryan Paevey exclusively told Soap Opera Spy’s head editor that he had declined to appear on the show, twice. We compiled a list of a contestant, we’d like to see cross over from soap opera stars to “DWTS” participants.

Kelly Monaco is gorgeous, talented, and genuinely a nice person and she has already done the show. She would have her fan’s support should she decide to compete on the show again. She has been on “General Hospital” for quite some time, and her participation could bring new fans to the ABC prime-time show.

Genie Francis is timeless. It doesn’t matter what generation of “GH” watcher you are; chances are you know exactly who is she is. The most watched episode is still her marriage to Luke Spencer. She recently lost 40 pounds, and credits her weight loss to eating well, and exercising. This challenge would be something SOS could see her interested in exploring.

Laura Wright is one of those actresses who is great at whatever she does. She has been a part of “General Hospital” for years and plays the character Carly flawlessly. In her free time, she spends time with her family and keeps in shape with Pilates and yoga. She would be a force if she did choose to be on the show.

Bryan Craig would be another excellent choice for the show. He is a fan favorite and would bring his large fan base to prime-time TV. The fact is, soap opera fans are some of the most loyal fans in the business. It could be a great asset for the show to showcase his talent on both shows.

Maurice Benard is a wonderful actor, husband, and father. He is a bipolar depression advocate, and his participation in the show could bring awareness. He would give the other dancers a run for their money. His fans would follow him to the show, and he may bring new fans to the show.

Not many actors in soap land are hotter than Billy Miller. In fact, his talent is so hot right now; he has “Y&R” still hoping he’ll return nearly two years after his exit from the show. He would be a great addition to “Dancing with the Stars” with his sexy, smooth moves- bring more soap fans to the ABC prime-time show.

Which one of these actors would you like to see on the show? Vote for your favorite, below.

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    I don’t watch either of these shows, so I don’t know. I didn’t even know DWTS was still on – I thought it got canceled with AI.

  2. Dogvills says

    I haven’t seen this show, so I really don’t know. My sister can best answer this question.

  3. Michelle de Guzman says

    I may be the only person in America not watching Dancing with the Stars. I slos don’t watch soap operas so I have no idea who any of these people are.

    1. KaysGramma says

      Then what the heck are you doing on a Soap Opera blog then? You just “happened” to come across an article about two television shows you don’t watch, on a blog that I wouldn’t exactly call “mainstream”? And then, you not only took the time to read an article about shows you claim you don’t watch, you felt you needed to take the time to comment to lef us all know you know nothing about the very thing you’re commenting about. Must be pretty bored, huh?

  4. Jessica Harlow says

    My in-laws are huge DWTS fans! I hear all about the show from them! lol I haven’t followed it exclusively so I’d be at a loss to pick a favorite GH actor to go on it.

  5. Liz Mays says

    These are all some good choices. I think they could all definitely do well so it would be interesting to see each of them on the show.

  6. rika says

    I don’t watch the show and not too familiar with any of them on your above list.

  7. Elizabeth O. says

    I don’t really follow through with General Hospital. But this seems like a fun poll. Hehe.

  8. victoria says

    I am not familiar with this but it looks pretty interesting i will gonna check it.

  9. Maria says

    Well of course it would be Billy Miller! I hope he returns to the Y&R.

  10. Jeanine says

    I haven’t watched this show in YEARS but I do love Kelly Monaco. I think shes fabulous and I’d love to watch her, again!

  11. Kam Kay says

    I haven’t watched “Dancing with the Stars” in ages. So I have no idea but it’s good to read on each of actor’s character portrayal in GH.

  12. The L's Mum says

    I don’t watch dancing with the stars. We have something similar in the UK called strictly come dancing. It is a fab show. I know that DWTS is the same format. Enjoy your new season.

  13. Rosey says

    I don’t know any of them but I bet they’d all be good on the show. Soap actors are usually pretty in shape (and easy to look at too).

  14. Barbara says

    How about, “Dancing With The Soap Stars” one season with stars from all the soaps.
    What fun!

  15. Didi says

    ahh hello…Kelly Monaco has already been on DWTS…twice.

    1. Annemarie LeBlanc says

      That is why it says in the post “Kelly Monaco is gorgeous, talented, and genuinely a nice person and she has already done the show.” I guessed you missed where it said she has already done the show 🙂

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