‘General Hospital’ POLL – Which Favorite GH Character Should Be Brought Back To Life?

'General Hospital' POLL – Which Favorite GH Character Should Be Brought Back To Life?“General Hospital” fans are loyal and when one of their favorite characters is killed off viewers are very vocal in expressing their displeasure. If given the opportunity, which character would you choose to return from the dead on “General Hospital”?

#1 – Dr. Silas Clay (Michael Easton): “General Hospital” viewers were shocked when TPTB killed off Dr. Clay. Petitions have been circulated, letters have been written to ABC and the producers of the daytime drama. Silas Clay is perhaps THE most wanted character “return from the dead”! And fans want Michael Easton back in the role and they don’t care how TPTB do it.

#2 – A.J. Quartermaine: Last portrayed by Sean Kanan – now Deacon Sharpe on “Bold and the Beautiful” – A.J. would need to be a complete recast. Billy Warlock portrayed A.J. from 1997 until 2003 and then again in 2005 – when A.J. was killed off the first time. In 2012 the oldest Quartermaine son returned – this time portrayed by Kanan – after his brother Jason Morgan’s (then Steve Burton) “death.” In 2014 A.J. was shot and killed by Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Bernard). A.J. Quartermaine has come back from the dead before, so it’s not a stretch for TPTB to bring him back again.

#3 – Emily Quartermaine (Natalia Livingston): Amber Tamblyn was the actress that originated the role of Emily Quartermaine – born Emily Bowen – in 1995 until 2001 when Emily was involved in a train accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down and Emily went to a rehabilitation center outside Port Charles. Natalia Livingston recovered from those injuries and returned to town in 2003 – hiding the fact that she was battling breast cancer. Emily flirted with death when chemo therapy destroyed her immune system and she developed meningitis. Emily recovered only to be murdered by Diego Alcazar – The Text Message Killer. Natalia Livingston returned to “GH” as Emily’s identical twin sister in 2009 but quickly left for Paris. In 2014 Emily Quartermaine appeared as a ghost to accompany A.J. to heaven.

#4 – Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan): “General Hospital” viewers were not completely caught off-guard when Duke was shot by Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise). Duke is another character that TPTB at “General Hospital” have killed off once before – in 1990 – only to have him return from the dead – in 2012. The way things go in Port Charles, no matter how many times you shoot someone directly in the heart there is always a possibility of survival. Duke Lavery is favorite fans would like to see back – if only to console his beloved Anna Devane (Finola Hughes).

#5 – Courtney Matthews (Alicia Leigh Willis): Spencer Cassadine’s (Nicolas Bechtel) mother, Courtney died soon after Spencer’s birth – she contracted a deadly virus while being held captive by Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers). Courtney appeared to her son as a spirit after he was injured in a fire. She told him she would always love in and gave Spencer the strength to face his recovery. Many “GH” fans would love to see Spencer get the one thing in the world he has wished for that all the Cassadine money cannot buy – his mother

Which one of these favorite “General Hospital” characters “brought back from the dead”? Silas Clay? A.J. Quartermaine? Duke Lavery? Emily Quartermaine? Courtney Matthews? Or someone else?

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  1. Cantrell says

    I really want to see sonny sister to come back Nicholas love of his life and Elizabeth knows that his grandmother had her all this time like she has robin and Nicholas gets crazy and go after his grandmother and get revenge on Elizabeth and apologize to robin for his role in everything and he has to tell sonny everything and all Hell breaks loose now that would be a GH show

  2. Anna says

    Can’t believe that LIZ IS SUCH A BITCH

  3. Andrea Shields says

    Helena Cassadine is played by *Constance* Towers.

  4. Georgiana Caruso says

    I’ve been watching GH for over 25 years, even when I was in the military and overseas. You have made me cry, laught, and sooo many times angry especially when Jason died. I know it’s just a soap but I feel like we’re all family. When Liz acts like a “B” she reminds me f my sisters, and you just want to slap her. Love GH and we’ll continue to watch.

    1. Angela says

      I’ve been watching for 38 years, love GH!

  5. Maxine Woodard says

    Let the dead stay dead to many from the dead.The show should be call theGh the dead.I wonder. Why all the actors are leaving.

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