General Hospital (GH) POLL: Will Jake Doe Stay With Liz After The Nov 6 Reveal – Or Will Jason Morgan And Sam Get Their Happy Ending?


General Hospital (GH) Poll: Will Jake Doe Stay With Liz After The Nov 6 Reveal – Or Will Jason Morgan And Sam Get Their Happy Ending? Will Jason Morgan still marry Liz?  “General Hospital” spoilers tease that the big Jason Morgan reveal that “GH” fans have literally been waiting a year for is finally here.  On the Friday November 6th episode of the ABC soap opera – Jake Doe (Billy Miller) is going to learn his true identity, and that he is none other than Sam Morgan’s not-so-dead husband Jason.  Ironically, he is going to learn the shocking news on the same day that he is set to walk down the aisle and marry Liz.

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“General Hospital” fans just assumed that when Jake learned that he was Jason Morgan he would drop Liz like a bad habit and run off in to the sunset with Sam Morgan.  But, what if he doesn’t?  We know that Jake is going to learn that he is Jason on November 6th, but that doesn’t mean that he is going to learn that Liz hid the truth from him.

And, Jake Doe has only had flashes of his memory – if he actually remembered his romance with Sam, then he would have figured out a long time ago that he is Jason.  The sad truth is, just because Jake learns who is does not mean that he is going to magically get back all of memories and be in love with Sam Morgan again.  Jake is a loyal guy, and as far as he knows – Liz has not done him wrong, and has had his back and looked out for him since he basically arrived in Port Charles.

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What do you think “General Hospital” fans – is there a chance that Jake will stay with Liz after he learns that he is Jason Morgan?  Or will he reunite with his wife Sam?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to vote in the poll!

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  1. Amy says

    If Jason stays with Liz, I am going
    To Y&R. This is Just plain Bull.

    1. Joan Rogers says

      Jason and Sam are married. He will not marry Liz when he is already married .
      I think he will be very upset once the entire truth comes out. After all she knows the truth and still kept it from him.
      I hope it is a fantastic revelation and once the truth is spoken , the revelation will jolt him into reality, and it will be a joyous awakening for all and reunion of the couple and family. I am a softy anyway.

  2. Anna says

    Will not watch if he stays with Elizabeth

  3. Elaine says

    I will not watch GH anymore if he stays with Liz – I want him back with Sam where he belongs

  4. Anonymous says

    I think he will stay with Liz because he has no memories of him and Sam since what all has happened to him. It won’t be his fault and no matter what the outcome is I will always watch GH.

  5. Richard says

    Why would he leave Liz there’s no proof of her doing him wrong. It sux but it’s a soap opera he will eventually end up with Sam but it will take time

  6. shana says

    If you are going to stop watching a show cause of something you don’t like then you are not true fans. This show has been on since I was a little girl and me and my grandmother watches it everyday. So, glad Jason is coming back.

  7. leah says

    I will stop watching it Jason stays with Liz

  8. Darcie says

    I think he will be confused. He can’t marry Liz because he is already married to Sam…so for him to do that Liz will try talking him into divorcing Sam because he doesn’t remember her…but while they are going through the process he will finally remember. ..

  9. Anita says

    I think once he finds out that Liz knew the he was Jason he will have nothing to do with her. I hope they don’t drag this out as long as they did with his memory. He know Nicholas had something to do with it because of his grandmother. But Haden is the one o think going to spill the beans about Liz. I hope is really soon!!!

  10. donna says

    Him staying with Liz will be the biggest let down for the majority of GH fans. Don’t do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. says

    I Jason and Sam to get back together make up for lost. Iam a believer happy endings.

  12. Ang Self says

    I”ve been watching for about 40 years!

  13. Dorothy S says

    This is old news, and Liz is definitely out of the picture! Time to drop this topic since Sam & Jason are married and expecting their second child!

  14. Kevin Pham says

    what happy ending =__= it’s the same boring story episode every day… =__=…

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