‘General Hospital’ (GH) POLL: Can Liz Webber Be Redeemed After Jake Doe Reveal? VOTE!

'General Hospital' (GH) POLL: Can Liz Webber Be Redeemed After Jake Doe Reveal? VOTE!Let’s face it – Liz Webber [Rebecca Herbst] is pretty much the worst person in Port Charles right now, with the exception of Paul Hornsby [Richard Burgi]. This ‘General Hospital’ spoiler rates Liz’s odds for getting off everyone’s bad side once the truth that Jake Doe [Billy Miller] is Jason Morgan comes out. Nearly everyone in town will be affected by Jake’s identity reveal. And even those that aren’t affected directly or indirectly will surely have a harsh opinion about Liz’s actions.

Is there any hope for Liz to have a meaningful future in Port Charles after the big reveal and the blow up at her failed November 6th wedding to Jake? Liz’s lies have been going on for nearly a year – you’ll recall she found out the night of the Nurse’s Ball that Jake was Jason thanks to Nikolas Cassadine [Tyler Christopher] filling her in. But since then, Liz has had ample opportunity to make things right and has been told flat out by Laura Spencer [Genie Francis] to come clean.

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But Liz hasn’t told the truth and every day that has gone by has made it worse. At this point, Liz is clearly deluding herself by thinking she’s going to marry Jake in a few weeks, thereby making both of them bigamists. Liz is toying with crime here – not only is bigamy a crime, but so is the level of fraud she’s been engaged in for the past year. Liz could not only face the scorn of the entirety of Port Charles, but a stint in Pentonville as well.

When all this comes out, as it will soon, will Liz ever be able to make it right with the people of Port Charles? She works at the hospital where she interacts with most of the townsfolk at one time or another, but how can they trust her after this? And how can Liz make amends? Saying you’re sorry is the best place to start – and owning up to your mistakes. But will Liz do this as she should? So far, Liz has not shown an admirable track record of doing the right thing.

More likely than Liz admitting her mistake is that she will try and blame it all on Nikolas and make herself out as an injured party. That will make things worse and won’t get the redemption process started. It looks like Liz will have to hit rock bottom before she really tries to make things right – if she tries to make things right. Liz may decide it’s just too much to deal with when she realizes everyone in town has turned on her – including her family, friends, and all of Jason’s family and friends.

Liz’s actions not only have left Sam Morgan [Kelly Monaco] without her husband and the father of her child for a year, but may have led to the deaths of three people – Silas Clay [Michael Easton], Carlos Rivera [Jeffrey Vincent Parise] and Kyle Sloane [Robb Derringer]. If Liz hadn’t kept the secret of Jake, she would never have been with Jake and probably would not have broken up with Ric Lansing [Rick Hearst] which started the path to the first murder.

It was Liz’s split with Ric that led him to Nina Clay [Michelle Stafford] and Madeline Reeves [Donna Mills]. That then led Madeline to kill Silas. And Carlos’ trajectory towards death started when he killed Duke Lavery [Ian Buchanan] which Julian Jerome [William deVry] may never have ordered had Jason been alive and still serving as the protector of Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard]. And Carlos’ death then led to Sloane’s murder by Paul.

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The ripple of Liz’s lies have had serious consequences. So, can Liz be redeemed? And another question is, should she be? Liz has never been as sweet as she would like us to think. She’s been a liar and cheater for years, so maybe she will take the inevitable rejection by the people of Port Charles as a sign that she should embrace her dark side. Perhaps Liz will go dark and be a co-villain with Nikolas or Ric. I don’t know if Liz can come back from this – and she may not want to.

Here’s hoping the two new writers will use the Jake as Jason reveal as an opportunity to take Liz’s character in a new, darker and more interesting direction. Liz has been playing nice on the outside for years when she was much more dastardly on the inside – maybe now she’ll embrace the evil that’s always been within her…

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  1. Sherry Morgan says

    Missing the real General Hospital!

  2. terry says

    I have been watching GH for over 21yrs and to be honest I am very dissapointed with the Sam\Liz\Jason story line. The writers seem to be out of touch with the fans. I know its a soap and no one never really get a happy ending but to me on GH the bad guys seem to be winning. I am having a very hard time watching the show. Honestly I think that if someone is going to take an hour out of their busy schedule to watch a show religiously everyday then it should be worth it and to me GH is not cutting it anymore.

  3. Kevin Pham says

    i can’t believe this website did that to her photo, how shameful

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