‘General Hospital’ News: Wally Kurth Back on GH – Ned Back In Port Charles October 19

'General Hospital' News: Wally Kurth Back on GH - Ned Back In Port Charles October 19Good news, “General Hospital” fans, Wally Kurth will appear on a special one-day appearance next week, according to Soap Opera Digest on Wednesday. “Days of Our Lives” loaned out Kurth for a one-day event, bring Ned Ashton back to Port Charles for an itty bitty “GH” stint. Ned’s storyline will revolve around Olivia’s (Lisa LoCicero) lie about adopting a baby, when the truth is the baby is none other than Leo- Julian’s (William deVry) son.

In March of 2015, Wally Kurth announced that he would be departing the show as fan favorite, Ned due to a contract agreement with “Days of Our Lives.” He was not allowed to appear on both soaps, so he left his role with “General Hospital” behind. The show has missed Ned’s presence greatly. Olivia has mentioned him often- even speaking to him on the phone regularly.

Olivia made a ballsy move by bringing her baby back to Port Charles and claimed she adopted an infant. Her story was that a girl at her church was in needed of someone to adopt her baby. “Talk about being at the right place at the right time,” Alexis said sarcastically to her. Alexis took the baby’s pacifier with the intention of a DNA test. She hasn’t said, but she likely thinks that the new infant is Julian’s (William DeVry) baby boy.

Ned’s arrival in Port Charles must be to see Leo and Olivia. He has been separated from them for quite some time. When she first found out she was expecting, Olivia told everyone that Ned was her baby’s father. It was believable, but eventually came out that Julian was the daddy. She faked Leo’s death in a last-ditch effort to protect him from the intolerant mob boss.

“GH” fans cannot wait to see Ned and cannot wait to see what kind of news he may bring to Olivia. He will return for one day on October 19. It seems to be leading up to Alexis dropping the bomb that the baby whom Olivia ‘adopted’ is his son, Leo on Wednesday, October 21, according to ABC Soaps In Depth. Soap Opera Spy fans, what kind of news do you think Ned could bring for Olivia?

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