‘General Hospital’ News: Twitter Thinks Bryan Craig Deserves Daytime Emmy Award For Morgan’s Bipolar Performance

'General Hospital' News: Twitter Thinks Bryan Craig Deserves Daytime Emmy Award For Morgan's Bipolar Performance“General Hospital” is set to win a slew of Daytime Emmy Awards this year for their amazing work on the show. Many fans believe there is no way that Morgan Corthinos portrayer; Bryan Craig won’t take home a win after his recent bipolar storyline. Whether or not you are a Bryan Craig fan; you cannot dispute the young actor brought it in every scene when he slowly spiraled out of control before the writers unfolded his mental health diagnosis.

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Bryan Craig has wowed his critics when he arrived at his father’s house to talk to him right before his wedding day to Carly [Laura Wright] in September. He acted irrational, drunk, and he was downright believable. You felt his pain as he promised his father, Sonny [Maurice Benard] that he wouldn’t act ‘crazy’ anymore. He begged his father to give him another chance before ‘making’ him get help.

Sonny assured him getting treatment for bipolar was not a punishment, but it was something that needed to be done not only for his safety but everyone else around him. Sonny told him he loved him and would be there for him every step of the treatment; he would not have to face it alone. Morgan finally agreed to seek treatment.

It seemed like Morgan was improving after his father was shot, and the focus shifted to Sonny.  Once again, Morgan spiraled out of control after he discovered that Kiki [Erin Hayley] hit his mother causing a car accident, and he worried she was going to be arrested. He wanted to protect Kiki from spending any time in prison. He took her to a cabin and told her they could hide out away from the authorities. Kiki started worrying about his erratic behavior at the cabin. Morgan found a hunting gun, and he began to wave it in the air. It scared her so much, she decided to take action.

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This year should be the year Bryan Craig wins his Daytime Emmy award. Jim Warren posted to Twitter a picture of the handsome stud, Bryan and said that he was on his way to work to create more Emmy-worthy performances on “General Hospital.”  Fans, do you think Bryan Craig deserves a Daytime Emmy award this year?

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  1. Scoma60 says

    He doesn’t have a chance opposite the truly masterful work of RSW (Ben) on DAYS. RSW has been bone chilling as Ben slowly slid into madness. It was a real star turn that comes along rarely. A really complex multi-layered portrayal. Bravo!

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