‘General Hospital’ News: GH Soap Ratings Down Since July – Michael Easton’s Exit The Cause?

'General Hospital' News: GH Soap Ratings Down Since July - Michael Easton's Exit The Cause?“General Hospital” fans were not pleased when news revealed over the summer that Michael Easton was exiting the ABC soap opera, and his character Dr. Silas Clay was going to be killed off.  Rumors floated around the internet for weeks after Silas’s death that it was another one of GH’s “fake deaths” and it would only be a matter of time before Easton was back on our TV screens.  But, Easton sadly hopped on social media and let his dedicated fans know that was not the case – and he really had been fired.

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Disgruntled “General Hospital” fans let it be known on social media that they were not impressed with TPTB for killing off Silas Clay – and some even created petitions begging for the actor to be reinstated, or threatening to not watch the daytime drama any more.  According to this week’s edition of GLOBE Magazine, the ABC soap opera is down roughly 140,000 viewers since Easton’s exit – so it looks like his fans may have made good on their threats.  Or, it also could just be a coincidence.

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GLOBE Magazine’s sources seem to think that the ratings drop is directly associated with Silas Clay’s exit.  The insider dished to the tabloid, “Just months before he was axed Michael was named the No. 1 ABC soap actor in a viewers’ poll – he was just as shocked as anyone that they kicked him to the curb.  It’s only a matter of time before they ask him to come back.  His popularity was evident, and they have seen the error in their ways.” 

What do you think “GH” fans? Could the ratings drop be related to Michael Easton being fired?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Audrina starr says

    I’ve been a gh fan for 30+ years and a Michael Easton fan since Port Charles. He is the reason I watched that other soap (oltl) and I was happy when he went to gh, though I would have rather he was Caleb Morley, vampire extraordinare.
    Since Michael was foolishly fired from gh, I don’t record it so if I miss days (weeks) I don’t care. Gh has lost its appeal and the passion I had for it is gone. Bring Michael back and let him take a bite out of Port Charles again!!

    1. susan says

      it was a dumb move to fire him….he and ava, would have been a great couple in the making…but noooo they had to keep the mob junk going, by hiring paul instead of keeping a great actor like ME>…

      yes, i have missed days all summer long, and into fall, and i don’t care, once upon a time i did care if i missed days, but now…so what..

      the only days i really look forward to are julexis….and they’re far and few between


  2. Pris Hodges says

    Michael was an excellent actor on GH and I was elated when he came over from the canceled OLTL. I do wish that they had make him a new character rather than bringing him on as they did in the beginning, but never the less he made an excellent doctor and is sorely needed at GH. Please bring him back…let the dead body of Dr. Clay turn out to be his evil twin …..

    1. susan says

      sorry don’t want him to be stephen…they already have enough stupid evil characters on the show…..

      i either want silas to somehow be alive…or to come back as someone new….


  3. Julia M. Diffin says

    I was very disappointed when they killed Michael Easton off. He is a talented actor. They needed to give him a bigger part and make him an important resident of Port Charles. They need to bring him back. Why don’t they listen to the fans. It seems like with the ratings dropping because of his exit they would bring him back. I signed the petition, and called, but everything is falling on deaf ears. He is really missed and needs to be back on GH. LISTEN TO THE FANS!!!! I have watched him on Port Charles, OLTL and GH. I miss him in my living room.

  4. Sherry Mace says

    I love Michael Easton, since Port Chuck days, and OLTL. They were insane to fire the good looking and talented man,! A lot of fans left after Michael was kicked out! TPTB are stupid to make such a drastic mistake! I only hope Michael will be asked to come back, and once again grace General Hospital! Sure the ratings, dropped, no wonder!!!!

  5. Aislyn says

    I’ve stopped watching GH since Michael Easton’s exit, I was really only watching for him and he was barely on and had no story worthy of his talents.
    Sam and Patrick were paired together in a chemistry less mishap and Kelly and Michael whose chemistry overwhelms my TV screen had been separated in a very dumb move.
    I never understand the decisions GH makes, they have really ruined a once great show. It’s actually sad what GH has become over the last 15 years, since Wendy Riche left and people like Jill Farren Phelps, Bob Guza, Brian Frons, Ron Carlivati and Nathan Varni have all run a muck. They just have no idea how to create an ensemble Soap Opera…GH had a great legacy and foundation from the 80s and 90s and GH just ruined it.
    I have no interest in GH and find no reason to watch, Michael Easton was my swan song with this once great Soap Opera. I’m resigned to the fact that GH isn’t the show I once loved and it never will be again.
    Truth be told, Michael Easton is better off, no one should be associated with GH in its current state, it’s an abomination and being associated with it at this point probably damages careers.

    1. susan says

      i would so love for him to come back as tanner on days…..

      that would get me to start to watch it again all the time

      i wish that micheal easton too would come to toronto…to work……it’s his wife’s home town, and his children should know her side of the family….and all that…

      there are alot of great dramas that are filmed here, and he’d fit into each and everyone of them


  6. Lora B. says

    I love, love!!! Michael Easton miss him SO much on GH. He is the reason I started watching everyday again.. Now he is go. Please bring him back.

  7. paula wiser says

    I hope thy faked his death so he can come back …and Nina be kiki moma i hope liz runs off with dillon michael corrinthos baby be his not carlos or whatever his name is …

  8. Rebecca Zertuche says

    I’ve been a Michael Easton fan since he was Tanner on Days of Our Lives. I watched him as Caleb, John McBain,and Silas Clay. He’s a fabulous actor. I’m not in the least bit surprised the numbers have gone down. I hate to say it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if GH, new writers or not, were to get cancelled. It’s been getting progressively worse and it started with MEs firing.

  9. Jason says

    I don’t think its just Micheal Easton. A lot of the show and its stories are not doing the show any good here. It needs a real major fix here, like cutting the mob out of it, because that is what was ruining it in the first place.

    1. susan says

      like cutting the mob out of it,

      that would be so nice, but they don’t want to….they for some reason only known to them, think that it’s all that…


  10. susan says

    GH. LISTEN TO THE FANS!!!! I have watched him on Port Charles, OLTL and GH. I miss him in my living room.


    you know, sometimes i do wonder if they don’t want this show to fail…..


  11. susan says

    sorry to spoil your bubble..teh sam and silas fans…but i couldn’t stand them..i totally can’t stand her..with anyone…i got so sick of her on port charles…….and have been sick of her since the day that she came to GH….being shoved in my face….when ME first came to one life, i wasn’t watching, i started to watch in december of that year..but i was told that they didn’t shove john mcbain onto us, like they did sam…she was everywhere, she and jax were supposed to be the new luke and laura it was everywhere…….that’s what the mags and stuff were touting….just like hayden and nick are supposed to be the super couple of all super couples…

    so i would love for silas when he comes back to be with anna, ava, olivia, anyone of that nature…..and the least would be sam…

    i would love for sam to disappear from my screen but i do know that’s not going to happen…

    to me their biggest mistake was making her alexis’s daughter…….that’s one rewrite i wish would just go away…..


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