‘General Hospital’ Interview: Laura Wright Celebrates 10 Years As Carly Corinthos, Looks Back On Time At ‘GH’

'General Hospital' Interview: Laura Wright Celebrates 10 Years As Carly Corinthos, Looks Back On Time At 'GH'Happy anniversary to Laura Wright who joined the cast of “General Hospital” as Carly Corinthos on November 4, 2005. Laura looks back on her decade as Carly and recalls how difficult it was to make the character her own – and the many loves of Carly’s life.

Laura moved from the East coast to California to assume the role of Carly – she was the fourth actress in the role. The actress was ready for the big leap after having portrayed Ally Rescott Bowman on “Loving”/”The City” and then Cassie Layne Winslow on “Guiding Light.” It was the right role at the right time. Wright wanted to keep the emotion that Tamara Braun had brought to the character and the brought a raw, take no prisoners quality to Carly. “I wanted to bring all those things and I wanted to bring a humor to [Carly], like a Scarlett O’Hara [type] who felt completely justified and right in everything she did.”

2005 to 2007

Carly started trouble from the moment she hit Port Charles – she caused an accident that resulted in Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) miscarriage. But it wasn’t until 2006 that Carly really started to stir things up. She committed a variety of crimes in order to locate the serum to cure the viral epidemic. Her best friend Courtney Matthews and then Carly switched the paternity test results of the baby’s paternity test.

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The romance between Carly and Jasper Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) started in 2006 and it was Laura’s first major “General Hospital” love story. Laura recounts that it wasn’t easy working with Ingo – they fought all the time. They were brutally honest with each other and would often argue over how to play a scene. “We would start to bicker and people would move away from us.” But in the end Wright says that she has never been that honest with a co-worker.
Carly was a bride twice in 2007 – she married Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Bernard) in January but by April she was married to Jasper Jacks. Carly truly wanted to marry Jax but was forced to marry Sonny in order to keep from testifying against him. At that time Sonny and Carly weren’t meant to be – they divorced and the Jax-Carly love story was resumed.

2008 to 2010

Carly’s son Michael Corinthos was wounded by a bullet meant for Sonny in 2008. Michael ended up in a coma and Carly manipulated the mobster into signing over his parental rights to their children by seducing him. Michael awoke from his coma in 2009 but the doctors find he has severe anger issues – at the same time Carly discovered she was pregnant. While pregnant Sonny’s wife Claudia Zaccharra kidnapped Carly with plans on stealing her daughter Josslyn Jacks. Carly’s son Michael shot and killed Claudia.

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In 2010 Jason Morgan, Carly and Sonny conspired to cover up Claudia’s murder to protect Michael. After Sonny’s son Dante Falconeri discovers the truth that sent Michael to prison for murder Carly exacted her revenge by paying Brook Lyn Ashton to seduce Dante and destroy his relationship with her cousin Lulu Spencer. Carly, still married to Jax, sleeps with Sonny and that is the end of Jax and Carly.

November 2011 – 2015

A number of Carly’s misdeeds took place in 2011. She conspired with Damian Spinelli to break into a law firm to steal custody papers. Then she aided Shawn Butler – at that time working as a freelance mercenary for Theo Hoffman – after a shootout – and then Shawn becomes Carly’s bodyguard.

Things snowballed throughout 2012 and 2014 – Jason dies, Sonny and Carly discover that A.J. Quartermaine is still alive. Carly’s divorce from Jax becomes final and Franco returns to town and looks just like Carly’s ex Todd Manning.
Carly became a bride again in 2014 when she was posed to marry Franco. But he turned the tables on her and they were never wed. In 2015 Carly and Sonny battled their way back to each other after he was pardoned for murder. But a bullet found Sonny, who now is paralyzed and Carly’s life may be in jeopardy following a car accident.

What do the next five years hold for Laura Wright as Carly Corinthos? “General Hospital” fans will just need to stay tuned!

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