‘General Hospital’ News: Alicia Leigh Willis GH’s Courtney Matthews In New Film

'General Hospital' News: Alicia Leigh Willis GH's Courtney Matthews In New FilmAlicia Leigh Willis, the actress who played Courtney on “General Hospital”, has just landed herself the lead role in a new thriller film, available now on Digital HD and On Demand. Do not read ahead if you dislike spoilers.

The film, titled Dangerous Company, tells the story of Pauline Mitchell, a successful business woman. Everything seems normal until Pauline starts misplacing items, and even beings to forget about her husband.

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It turns out that Aaron, Pauline’s husband, fears that Pauline is suffering from Alzheimer’s which killed Pauline’s mother. Pauline later discovers that Aaron and her secretary are doing everything they can to make Pauline believe she inherited the disease, and are trying to make Pauline feel as though she is crazy. The film sounds interesting to us and may just have to go check it out.

Alicia Leigh Willis says of the film, “My character owns a multi-million dollar clothing company and she is on top of everything. She’s got her ‘you-know-what’ together, always has, but slowly she starts to slilp in terms of losing her memory. Her mother passed away from Alzheimer’s and she is diagnosed as having early-onset dementia, and slowly her world starts to fall apart. But, there are twists and turns ahead for her that you won’t believe! It was heavy role, but very rewarding. Rick Ravanello, who plays my husband in the film, is just amazing! We had a great time working together.”

What do you think of Alicia Leigh Willis’ new role? have you seen Dangerous Company yet? Does it sound like something you would be interested in watching?

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