‘General Hospital’ Interview: GH Head Writer Ron Carlivati Explains Bringing Back Jake Webber

jake webber

Proving once again that dead is never dead on “General Hospital” TBTB on “GH” decided to bring back another character from the dead.  This time Jake Spencer [James Nigbor] the son of Jason Morgan [Billy Miller] and Nurse Elizabeth Webber  [Rebecca Herbst] is alive and well on Cassadine Island.

Jake was the product of a one night stand with Jason and the legal son of Detective Lucky Spencer. [Jonathan Jackson] At the time Jason thought it would be safer for Jake to be Lucky’s son than the son of a mob boss.

Jake was run over by a car that his grandfather Luke Spencer [Anthony Geary] was driving in 2011.  Jake was declared brain dead and  Elizabeth agreed to donate his kidneys to save Carly’s [Laura Wright] daughter Josslyn [Hannah Nordberg] who had cancer.

Seems hard to believe that you could bring someone back from the dead whose organs were donated but on GH you can be shot, blown up, fall off a cliff, burned or even stabbed and you can be brought back to life in an instant.

Head Writer Ron Carlivati spoke to Soap Opera Digest why he felt the need to bring Jake back.  Ron said, “were trying to come up with a purpose behind this adventure and a lasting impact for this adventure and something that would have emotional resonance for Luke and also, obviously, have a big impact on the rest of the canvas, so as much as it was an exit story, it was also the start of a story for other people.”

Of course there were not many ways they could make this work so who better to go with Helena Cassadine [Constance Towers] being the mastermind.  Helena has brought herself and her son back from the dead, so why not Jake.

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While we hope this storyline works out and are willing to give it a try this seems to be another example where the audience is asked a suspension of disbelief that pushes the limits too far and one of the reason “GH” is flagging in the ratings.

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  1. Leslie Martin says

    This website is continuously negative to GH and I do not intend to follow any story to this page again. You mention their “lagging ratings” every chance you get. There is never anything positive.Maybe you can see from the results of your stupid poll that not all GH fans are as disenchanted as you want to think.

    1. Annemarie LeBlanc says

      This is seriously ridiculous we post many GH posts a week 2 have mentioned this. I am a huge GH fan but seriously the truth is the truth. I am sorry you are unhappy.

      1. Heather M says

        I’m sorry but your response to the previous comment was very unprofessional. I believe if you would like to keep people reading your blogs on this soap then you should be more kind to one’s opinion! A better response to that could have been ” I am sorry you feel as if we were being negative to GH, this was not our intention and in fact I’m a big fan my self, we are just stating what has already been stated else where and would love for it to not be true but the only way that can change is for the true fans to stick through and continue to watch even if the story lines aren’t that great at the moment. True fans KNOW that just because you don’t like this week’s story line don’t mean you won’t like next week’s!” Just saying 🙂

        1. Annemarie LeBlanc says

          I have been watching GH since I was in High School and happened to love it. BUT, just because I am a fan of the show it does not mean I do not recognize that they have been falling down on the job. i.e. The Fluke reveal went on far too long. Fans and myself hoped that TPTB at GH would realize long drawn out storylines are not working. Perfect example the Jason/Jake reveal that should have happened months ago. But rather than listen to fans they keep pushing the date further and further along. I am sorry you are not happy with my opinion but I do not carry only negative stories about GH – I believe we have a good mix. When so many Daytime Soaps being cancelled the writers have to wake up and pay attention. I do not want my GH to be on the chopping block. The networks would prefer to replace our beloved Soaps with silly reality or talk shows which are cheaper to produce.

          1. Gail says

            I agree with Anne Marie 100%, move on with your story lines. Time to wrap oldies, and start new interesting stories. Seems like the writers are getting complacent! Time to shake things up! We are starting to doze off.

          2. Annemarie LeBlanc says

            Thank you 🙂

  2. Charlene Gordon says

    I think it is time for a new soap opera for me because I am starting not to like GH I have been watching the soaps for 20 plus years and it is not the same

  3. Kathy says

    I haven’t been watching long, but love the story that little came back. Let Elizabeth be happy and I love lucky. What a terrific actor.

  4. Dee says

    Enough of the amnesia on Jake… 11 months have gone buy and he still doesn’t know who he is. According to Soap Opera Time… those 11 months are longer… you aged all the kids but Jason still has amnesia… smh You bring lil Jake back but still with the amnesia with Jason. ENOUGH… let Jason know who he is. The fans have waited toooooo long now.

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