‘General Hospital’ Storylines Leaving Fans Underwhelmed, Ratings Take A Nosedive: GH The Next Major Soap To Get Cancelled?

'General Hospital' Storylines Leaving Fans Underwhelmed, Ratings Take A Nosedive: GH The Next Major Soap To Get Cancelled?

General Hospital better hope that their story arc that bids farewell to Anthony Geary as Luke Spencer draws in a lot of viewers, otherwise, the show will be in danger of getting cancelled. After many successful years on the air, it seems that the writers over at General Hospital are losing their touch, or fans are just tired of the daytime soap opera. According to Soap Opera network and TV By The Numbers, the total viewers of General Hospital has been hitting an all time low, and is decreasing each and every week.

The show has been earning extremely low numbers and for the last 10 weeks, women between the ages of 18-49, the key demographic for General Hospital, has hit an all time low. As a whole, the show is down 256,000 viewers compared to this time last year, and those numbers are not something that will just be ignored.

Of course, the show’s story lines have not been super interesting, and the story lines they have been focusing on have been dragged out for far too long. Hopefully, the writers at General Hospital are taking note that fans are not interested in the story lines that they are developing and work on something else. It is important to monitor fan feedback, and if they do not make adjustments soon, it seems like the show will be cancelled.

ABC, the network that airs General Hospital, has cancelled two famous daytime soap operas, One Life To Live and All My Children, due to declining ratings, so it is not farfetched to assume that ABC will pull the plug on General Hospital if necessary.

As of now, there have been no decisions made on the fate of General Hospital, but these ratings are surely going to be noticed by programmers at ABC.

If you could send one message to the writers and producers at General Hospital, what would it be? Which story lines should they ditch all together, and what arc should they develop? Let us know in the comments below, and let’s hope that someone at General Hospital listens to what the fans want.

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  1. Dorian S. says

    Ava storyline stupid, how long dragging out Jake/Jason storyline, bring back Anna and Robert. I love GH, one of my favorite shows, I have been watching GH as long as its been on TV. Please don’t take it off the air!!!

  2. MOSHANE58 says

    We are watching. The only ones that get counted are the ones with Nielsen boxes. Guess the younger demo since GH is late afternoon and summer are DVR the show. To bad these networks depend on a rating system that is decades old and make billions world and still very few have boxes compared to the population. We are loosing to many shows over an outdated ratings system and seem these networks do not do anything about it. Why can’t they at last try on time to put up an 800 number for people to call who are watching live. Just try it once. May be cheaper in the long run getting real totals and maybe higher pay for advertising…

    1. G says

      It’s no longer true that only people with Nielson boxes count in the ratings. Anyone with digital cable counts and DVRs count if the show is watched in a certain time frame. They know what you are watching and if and when you change the channel and what you change the channel to.

      GH is failing because the stories aren’t very good. They just killed off fan favorite Duke for the third time! The scenes are so short, you blink and you miss it and they had Laura return for Luke’s exit and he’s proclaiming his undying love for Tracy?? Ethan is still a Spencer and they have given a 3rd story of how he was conceived…… Just make him a Scorpio and explain all the conflicting stories with mind control of Holly.

      Plus, everyone is a bad guy now and the heroes are tainted. Where are the happy endings? True love never dies?

  3. beck says

    They drag out story lines way too long….years! We get bored with them because it is the same old story over and over. Come up with some new ideas and bring new life back into the show so more people will stay interested! This Jason story is getting really boring!

  4. angela cottrell says

    all my friends that use to watch but stopped its getting boring cuz your dragging the story lines out to far jake has been on there for awhile and he still doesnt know hes jason then fluke lasted forever and your getting rid of people we like and now dante and lulu really come on i love the show and the people on it but you stretch stuff out to long

  5. Helen Conboy says

    First speed up the Jason reveal. Hayden wakes up sees Jason and finally tells him and that Liz and Nicholas have known all along. Second take Rick out of this Nina story. He tricks Maddy gives the money to Nina and moves on to his law practice and daughter Molly. Becomes a triangle btw Alexis and Julian. And third enough of this terrible Ava story. And a huge and great story for Luke’s farewell PLEASE.

  6. Tanya says

    I don’t want the show to be cancelled. I’m 34 and have been watching General Hospital since I can remember, so writers please get it together. The Jason storyline is going on way too long. I understand giving viewers time to get use to the new Jason but whoever hasn’t excepted it won’t ever except it. Please move on. Also please give Luke an amazing exit not a brush off. He is history for the show and deserves the respect. Also I don’t get the whole Nicholas change. I kind of like the bad boy, but why take over ELQ? You’re making him into a snob who looks down on people less fortunate then him. Maybe he should be broken down to see what it’s like to be less than a prince. Spencer doesn’t seem to mind. Do something before the show is cancelled.

  7. Eileen Hargis says

    Im sorry but the majority of fans just arent interested in Lukes exit. The show beat us to death with Luke and FakeLuke till we just dont care anymore. Wheres Maxi and Nathan, wheres Alexis and Julian? Wheres Nina and Franco? Theres what we want to see. And not lying Liz too.

    1. keith d cronin says

      i agree but let’s get over and reveal jake doe ass jason. i am so tired of waiting that i’m beginning not to care and that’s too bad because billy miller is such a great actor, he could really sink his teeth into this material!!!!!!!

  8. jeri Samuelsen says

    Please make vallery & Daunte’s story line be a bad dream.bad story line. Kiki and Elizabeth must go along with Ava all these crazy people. Take up a lot of wasted time. Franco, Sam,Molly,TJ,Sonny,Jake, Alexis, Michael the Q Lulu,Saints,Morgan give them great story lines. To many storys. Less is better. Somebody needs to be happy

  9. Jodi Marrone says

    I have been saying for years get rid of the mob storyline. Get rid of dead wood like Carly, Sonny, Denise and the whole Jerome family. The list is long and the years of being ignored as a devoted fan longer. It’s sad I fought hard to get the other 2 soaps back on, but was kicked,not again, CANCEL the piece of shit, ABC sucks.

  10. Shirley McClanahan says

    I think the writers, drang store lines to long. Myself have had up to 20 shows recorded, and loose some of them. because I just wasn’t interested to watch them

  11. Thannia Richert says

    I absolutely love this soap but the Jake aka Jason storyline has drag to long. Now with the twist of little Jake actually still alive sickens me. It just gives Elizabeth a better hold on Jason . That twist is the reason I might give up on the soap that I have loved for years. A better twist would be that little Jake was Lucky’s kid and not Jason.

  12. Bonnie Preaux says

    I’m still watching hoping for some excitement. The Luke/fake Luke story line was the stupidest. The dragging out of Jason is getting old. Nathan is hot to watch but Maxi is too fake with the relationship. Better come up with a new Luke and Laura from back in the early days I could rewatch those epidodes.

  13. Pat says

    Bring back more hospital drama and less mob drama , let Jake realize he is Jason, dont keep bringing back the dead. There dead for a reason. Dont drag on the story lines as long as you have been it is borong and predictable . I’m a true long time watcher of the show but when that while Fluke thing was on I hated watching it as i am sure many others felt the same No wonder the ratings dropped. I would hate for General Hospital to get cancelled , so give us stories everyday people relate to and not long dragged out stories.

  14. Deb says

    Reunite Jason and Sam why bring the character back if you were going to keep him from his life for almost a year. Enough already. And where are the Quartermaines, the Corinthis, the hospital? I don’t really care about a constant diet of Kiki and Nina and Fluke went on way too long. Btw I still watch it every day anyway.

  15. Donna Maynard says

    I have been watching General Hospital since i was in grade School with my mom at the time and it doesn’t matter who leaves or who comes i am a faithful watcher and i hate it when WTEN interup’s the soap for something stupid ,I hate that Luke is leaving and the reason why people stop watching it is because the writers carry the story line too long like Jason’s line why prolong it get it out who he really is so Sam can decide what to do and wake Jack up now so Adam will be exposed dont drag it on any longer

  16. Diane says

    I agree with most people that the Fluke story was awful. Hopefully the farewell will be a good one. HopefullyvLucky will stick around. Get rid of Valerie. Dante would never cheat on Lulu. Give us more Alexis and Julian. They are great together. I fast forward stories I don’t like and lately, since the fluke story is over I have only been fast forwarding Dante and Valerie. Nikolas taking over ELQ has been interesting, even though I don’t like him being bad.

  17. deborah ray says

    I think the Jake / Jason thing has gone on long enough .Nik is a bad person now. and Lu Lu and donta will Split. Alexas and Julian they are gone .Everything is all messed up…

  18. Anna Marrano says

    I like seeing old faces but I’m really not that into Luke anymore , I want great storylines and shorter , I think the biggest problems at GH is RC and FV I think they are really terrible writer and producer, feeling that they’re just there to get a paycheck and ABC does not care enough to go look for somebody else , they great actors and some storyline are really worth cultivating but the writers have no idea what to do with it and both RC and FV don’t care what we , the fans , think they have to much of a ego going on , I have been watching for 37 years and I want to keep on watching , we have such great young actors so start developing storyline on them , get Michael and Sabrina going those two are such a natural at being the next great quartermein power couple , sam and jason so much history and love between those two and I can see lulu with Dillon , u have Maxie and Nathan , I don’t get why they don’t wor on them instead of bringing in new characters that have no business being there and they don’t bring anything to the show , and on top of that they’re just recycle old story , come wake up and give the fans what they want , but like I said before they don’t care otherwise after seeing the decline in viewers they would have done it already .

  19. GH fan 30 years + says

    Please please let everyone find out Jake is Jason!!! I think this is one of the main reasons why viewers are leaving. This has been dragging for WAY too long. Thank you!

  20. Brenda says

    I am not interested in the gay storyline. I could tolerate it if I didn’t have to see them in bed and kissing all the time.
    You might want to see if the rating decline coincides with the introduction of this couple being seen in bed and kissing all th e time. My plan has been to continu e watching until Luke’s departure and then I’m done.

  21. Sue says

    The storylines drag on waaaaay to long! Going to miss Luke, but we had to suffer with the Fluke storyline for what felt like a year! Now they are doing the same with the Jason/Jake storyline! Am so sick of what they have done to Dante, who mind you is a detective, and made him look like an idiot thinking that Lulu is cheTing on him…really? I want to see more of Molly & TJ, Michael and Sabrina, give Silas someone to love and get rid of Elizabeth, Ava and Franco!!

  22. Roe DellaValle says

    Been watching 40 years loyally. It is a very different world. The dragged out storyline like Jake still not revealed as Jason is not o.k. People want conclusions quicker. Why watch every day if you can skip a couple weeks and pick up where you left off. Every week needs to be treated like sweeps. My life has been very difficult, I couldn’t imagine not having that 1 hr a day to escape in Port Charles.

  23. paula albreht says

    The story lines are terrible – and the newest is just plain STUPID – Jake not being dead- again STUPID! The Jason thing has been going on so long I have no interest left. The Luke fake Luke – again so long I lost interest. I am not loving that they turned Nic into a bad guy, while I have enjoyed TC acting I really don’t want him a bad guy. Liz needs to be called out and not written as the poor Liz for her actions. The Ava story line again – stupid. The new Kiki is TERRIBLE. I think they need to clean house, Ava, Kiki, Nina, and most of all the chick from another planted (Lulu cousin) need to go – they are terrible or the writers have written them so badly that I can’t watch them – I hit the FF button every time one of the comes on. I would included Franco in that but RH is so wonderful that I want him to stay and them give him something good to do- (pretty sure that won’t happen because these writer’s don’t seem to grasp what good is) And get Carly away from Sonny – that is so over done and they are wasting LW. And what the hell are they doing to Danta? Really not one thing I am like – guess that is why I can go a week and not watch. Another waste is (Silas) ME is a good actor – who has been reduced to standing around with his hands in his pockets.

  24. Jan Elbing says

    They need to relax the streaming options on ABCgo.com. I work during the week. I have had a difficult time streaming it. I need to pay for Charter cable in order to watch it in my area. It’s not worth the extra $70/month. People are cutting the cord. They could stream with commercials to make it free.

  25. Angela Loeckel says

    I love general hospital. Been watching for 35 years when Luke and Laura got married. I am a huge fan. While I let the storylines be up to the writers, things have changed and not for good. Things are slow and drawn out waaaaaaaay to long. Like the Luke/Fluke story a year
    ! Come on!

  26. charlene gordon says

    Please let Jake / Jason remember that he has a family

  27. jennifer grochal says

    I hate the fact the Luke is leaving but i think its time to move on with the show… and as far as the whole Sam Patrick Jake/Jason Liz storyline stop dragging it out, get on with it already. Start showing more Nathan/Maxie, Alexis/Julian and others once in awhile. I have been a fan since i was like 11 yrs old n now im 41 i dont want to see them cancel GH i would be lost……….

  28. Denise Margaret Fournier says

    The writers should Never of put Dante with Valerie that is Not a good storyline,and they have dragged out the fact that Jake is Jason enough already.

  29. Kellie says

    How SERIOUSLY STUPID do you think we all are?!?! This RIDICULOUS story line with Dante/Valerie is enough to make me tune out forever! He looks like the same actor, yet every single move he made, in the last week, ate moves that the Dante we’ve come to know would NEVER make. I agree with most of what the others said, as well. It takes me about 5 minutes to fast forward through the entire show, hoping for something interesting to happen. And WHAT IN THE WORLD HAVE YOU DONE TO NICHOLAS? I mean, really! The writers are tanking a show I once couldn’t wait to watch!

  30. Melanie says

    Get rid of Rick. He’s boring and we’re over him. Put Nina and Franco together. Speed up Jason reveal. Elizabeth should get a fairytale – one based on the truth. Axe Valerie. And here’s an idea – get Trevor St. John. He could work with Sonny.

  31. Soaplover85 says

    1) Remove all these unnecessary characters such as Franco, Liesel, Nina, etc. Unfortunately Ava too. Maura West is amazing, but her, Michelle Stafford, and Roger Howarth are newbies and not GH. If you must keep MW recast her as Elizabeth’s Mother.
    2) Bring back the Quartermaines. Adding Dillion, Jason and Michael are a start but the show needs a few more. Skye would be great addition as a rival to Carly. Her and Ric would be fabulous. Find a way to have her coerce Olivia’s part in the hotel to become a co-owner with Carly. Bring Sean kanan back someway (maybe he faked his death out of fear of sonny ). Aj had chemistry with Liz and Carly
    3) Have Laura and Lucy revive deception and have Tracy employ Maxie and Lulu as competition as rival cosmetic companies. This brings back the focus to strong business woman.
    4) bring character together that have history. Employ new couples. Kill off Kiki and have Morgan fall into bed with Maxie. They would be fantastic. Again Skye with Ric. bring back Stefan for Laura etc

  32. Debbie says

    I agree with the majority of replys. Please have Dante wake up from his dream of Valerie. No chemistry between those two, I’m still trying to like the new Lulu. The Carly/Sonny storyline is not working. I do enjoy Nina and Franco together, Nick needs to go. Way time for Jake to find out he’s Jason. I don’t want anyone to lose a job but they need a new Elizabeth with some weight and curves, this one is just too skinny. No sexual appeal. I love Sam also but she also needs to gain some weight. Don’t drag out the Ava storyline, she’s having a meltdown over her need to be with her baby. TJ and Molly need a storyline or breakup. Not feeling the new Kiki. No chemistry between her with Morgan or Michael. I could go on but I’m not. It’s just not looking good for General Hospital. I’m still hurting over All my Children and One Life to live being taken off. Writers wake up!!!

  33. Sue Shepard says

    Please do not cancel General Hospital. I love it and I know many people that do. I have watched General Hospital for the last 40 years.

  34. susan says

    Started watching after lost All My Children and One Life to Live, so relatively new. Michael Easton, Roger Horwath and Kristen Alderson were my major reasons. Love those three. The story lines are too drawn out, get boring. Hate Valerie and what she is doing to Dante and Lulu’s relatio ship. Love Maxie. Hate Ava. Hate Ric. Love Michael and Sabrina. Tired and bored with Morgan and Kiki and Ava. Bring in more Alexis and Julian. Love Carly and Sonny but their storyline is boring. Lucas is hot but hate gay storyline. I could go on and on. Do not want to lose GH too. Amp up the stories. Bring back the loyal fans!

  35. elizabeth gruss says

    the dante and lulu story line is aweful,i dont watch it i fast foward through it,ya should of never messed with them,ya need to make that a drunken dream for dante and make it not happen,the liz and jason thing aweful,ya made liz a terrible person,she would of fell apart if someone lied to her,like when rick did,she was so hurt,and then ya turn her into some one like rick,makes no sense

  36. Marcia says

    My daughter and I were both devastated when AMC and OLTL were cancelled and GH is still one thing we both enjoy watching. When she is away at college we are able to chat a couple of minutes about the story over the last few days. The story now of Ava/Denise is crazy ridiculous and needs to somehow go away. Also, Ric scheming with Nina’s mother is stupid and I turn down the sound when they’re on. My last beef right now is that Jake Doe should finally know that he is Jason! This story line has been going for way too long…I know soap operas are notorious for stringing people along to keep them coming back for more, but these recent story arcs need to go! There is a lot more interesting stuff that can be done with the characters in Port Charles now! Please don’t continue to play with fire here (ABC) and don’t let our last surviving soap opera go!

  37. janel says

    I have been watching gh on & off since 1985. It’s hard to watch now…jason/Jake has dragged too long. Nick is horrible…why does he have to go crazy like the rest of the cassadines? Wish it was more hospital, generational conflict, and why not use the great talent more effectively. GH was always fun…enjoyable…now it’s depressing and sad. A shell of what it once was….i miss the quartermaines…

  38. samantha says

    please general hospital writers and directors do not get rid of this show it is the only show i can watch during the day.

  39. Sarah says

    Please do not get rid of GH. I have very few shows that I love, and this is one of them. You already got rid of two good soap opera’s. Don’t do it to this one too.

  40. kayla says

    No romance is the #1 reason this soap is failing. All couples are just treading water. No one is headed to the altar, except for Brad&Lucas, which is offensive! Why is the gay couple the ONLY happy one? Gay headwriter trying to send a message, I suppose. I would drop all (or at least SOME) mob characters. I would concentrate on true love stories like Jason&Elizabeth, Maxie&Nathan. Drop the Jasam/Liason war. All it does is divide the audience and make some fans mad enough to leave!

    1. Lillian Franke says

      I agree with most of the comments above the Ave storing line not very interesting bring back Robin and end this about jake let him be Jason it has gone on to long already. I would be very sad if GH was canceled!!

  41. Tracy Coleman says

    Bring the “Jake” story line to an end. You drag out storylines way too long. Ava Jerome storyline is a yamn. Kiki and Morgan. Yawn. Bring in a love interest in for Silas zuch as Melissa Archer playing a new character. He meets her at the floating rib playing pool. When they meet they can say to one another “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” Or “You look familiar” For a comedic effect.

  42. Diane says

    Quit bringing people back from the dead! Kill em and leave em dead or have them move away or just drop them from the storyline. I agree that there needs to be dome serious house cleaning. I live Franco and Nina= crazy at it’s finest moment. Swapping parentage constantly is getting boring boring boring. I like Jake/Jason. I never have liked Liz. Whine whine whine. Stick her with Nicolas and let her drive him crazy. Laura cries all the time…boring. Love Sonny and Carly… Leave them alone to be an anchor family. Bring back my Quatermaines! Tracy is fantastic! I like Maxie and Nathan and Lulu and Dante. Let the rest of them go “ho” around and have affairs. I hate the Ava/Denise story. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. I love Dr. O. She would be fabulous in a triangle with Franco/Nina. Fun storyline. Bring back Max and Diane. This Luke exit story is beneath him and totally sucks. Tony deserves so much better and I’m betting the final exit won’t send him off right especially if you kill him off because if you get killed off we know the door is open and we’re used to that…yawn. I’ve watched from day one. Don’t go down without a fight!!! Listen to your fans and get it together before it’s too late!!

  43. Sarah says

    I watched this soap only because I love Finola Hughes- Anna Devane. Otherwise, the stories are slow an truly horrible!

  44. sarah says

    pleass fire the head writer of this horrible soap, love Anna Devane!

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