‘General Hospital’ Interview: Brandon Barash Discusses Johnny Zacchara’s Return, Romance With Lulu

'General Hospital' Interview: Brandon Barash Discusses Johnny Zacchara's Return, Romance With Lulu‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers tease that Johnny Zacchara [Brandon Barash] turning up in Port Charles right when Lulu Spencer [Emme Rylan] needed him was no accident at all – but was a well-timed entrance designed to romance Lulu at her most vulnerable point.

We all know that Johnny has long had the hots for Lulu – in fact, it may even be love. It seemed pretty fortuitous that Johnny showed up just as Lulu signed the separation papers with Dante Falconeri [Dominic Zamprogna] – but turns out it was no coincidence at all.

Brandon Barash did a recent interview with On-Air On-Soaps and indicated that Johnny knew exactly when to reappear in Lulu’s life to take advantage of her broken heart and vulnerability to make something spark between them.

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Brandon said, “I find this to be incredibly convenient that he shows up in Port Charles right as Lulu and Dante’s marriage is dissolving very rapidly… it makes more sense to me that Johnny always has people in Port Charles reporting to him as to what is going on. He finds out this information about Lulu and Dante, and makes his entrance based on that information.

Johnny showed up and immediately offered to take care of the Valerie Spencer [Brytni Sarpi] problem but Johnny doesn’t want to remove Val to clear the way for Lulu to reunite with Dante. Nope. It looks like Johnny is plotting revenge solely to score points with Lulu.

Brandon also hinted that not only was Johnny planning to bed Lulu as soon as he can, but that there’s more to it and some real emotion behind it. He added, “I think what he wants is to love Lulu again.” Lulu may be very open to that as well given Dante’s continued romance with Valerie.

What may be a conundrum, though, in coming days is that Dante is having second thoughts about his involvement with Valerie and realizes that Lulu and Rocco are what he wants and wants them together as a family.

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However, once he finds out (and of course he will) that Lulu is hanging around with Johnny, this will all go to hell. Dante and Lulu are their own worst enemies. If Dante feels betrayed that Lulu is hiding her former love interest and wanted man Johnny on The Haunted Star, he will turn back to Valerie.

And Dante turning back to Valerie could very well push Lulu into Johnny’s arms. Are we at a crossroads where the Falconeri marriage may be truly broken and irreparable? Lulu and Dante seemed like the only rock-solid couple in Port Charles and now they’re crumbling.

What’s also of note in the interview is that he hinted that showrunners want him back on ‘General Hospital’ for good. Brandon said, “Obviously, if Frank Valentini has his druthers, I would be back at GH fulltime.”

Brandon landed a recurring role on hit TNT show “Major Crimes” and has guested on “CSI: Cyber” and has other projects in the works. But since his wife Kirsten Storms plays Maxie Jones – and their real life daughter Harper Barash is also a GH player as Georgie Spinelli, maybe he’ll change his mind.

And if the romance between Johnny and Lulu takes off, it may be a compelling enough storyline to keep him around. Of course GH fans love Dante and Lulu, but if anything could breathe life into the angsty Falconeri split, a fulfillment of the long-burning romance potential between Johnny and Lulu would do it.

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