‘General Hospital’ (GH) News: Carolyn Hennesy Confirms Diane and Spinelli Headed Back to Port Charles

'General Hospital' (GH) News: Carolyn Hennesy Confirms Diane and Spinelli Headed Back to Port Charles“General Hospital” casting spoilers are in; Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) and Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) are returning to Port Charles together very soon. The duo drove each other crazy, but under it all, you could feel a real connection between them. Carolyn confirmed that she and Spinelli will be returning to PC together. So why are they returning with each other? Could they have news for the residents of Port Charles?

A few years ago, it was speculated that Spinelli and Diane were mother and son. It was never uncovered, but it didn’t stop the fans from gossiping. Spinelli was very close to Jason Morgan (Billy Miller). Stone Cold was his best friend, and he felt that he could still be alive after all this time. Diane was Jason’s longtime attorney. She defended him on multiple cases, multiple times. Is it possible their return has something to do with Jason’s reveal?

Spinelli was convinced earlier in the year that Jake was Jason. The rest of the town thought he was out of his mind because he was Jake Doe. He left town and never spoke about the Jake/Jason connection. Last week, Sonny (Maurice Benard) was shot and left to die; however, Jake stepped in, killed the three men who attacked Sonny and Jake saved Sonny’s life. When he saw him, he made a clear reference that he knew he was Jason. Fans assumed Sonny would forget about the incident, figuring that it was triggered by blood loss.

Yesterday, Sonny was convinced that Jason was alive. Nurse Webber (Elizabeth Herbst) told Sonny that he was experiencing side effects of the medications. Jake is not Jason-of course, she would say that- she must hide the mountain of lies she has told to Jake about his identity. If Diane and Spinelli bring proof that Jake is Jason, how will Liz talk her way out of being ousted by Jake? If it isn’t Jason related, why are they returning? Is it possible that Spinelli is Diane’s son? The duo will appear on “General Hospital” in the next few weeks, presumably during November sweeps.

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