‘General Hospital’ (GH) News: Bryan Craig (Morgan Corinthos) Has Twitter Argument – Reacts Strongly

'General Hospital' (GH) News: Bryan Craig (Morgan Corinthos) Has Twitter Argument - Reacts Strongly“General Hospital” seems to be pushing that Morgan Corthinos (Bryan Craig) could have bipolar disorder. It makes perfect sense because his father Sonny (Maurice Benard) is bipolar. It seems like a good way for the show to explain his behavior with Ava (Maura West) and Kiki (Hayley Erin). However, it appears not everyone is a fan of Morgan’s. Last night, a Twitter member got into a twitter fight with Bryan Craig, leading to a confrontation on social media. It ended with Craig’s mother and father coming to his defense and all three accounts deciding to take a social media break from the drama.


Bryan Craig took to Twitter last night to let his fans know that the material being written for Morgan on “GH” will finally silence his haters. It was well received by his fans until one tweeter put his two cents in.  Bryan’s parents jumped in and stood up for him, and the poster from Twitter account @DiMera87 insulted his family. He tweeted, “Is this Bryan’s horrible mother? @lisc49.” He went on to reply to her tweet, which is not available, “Someone get his mother under control. The whole family is full of idiots.” 'General Hospital' (GH) News: Bryan Craig (Morgan Corinthos) Attacked On Social Media - Reacts Strongly His father, Donnie Craig jumped into the conflict, “Hey this is Bryan Craig’s daddy. How about you slither from behind your keyboard and have a face-to –face with me?” A few hours later, Bryan tried to smooth things over by saying that fans can anything they want about him, but to leave his family out of it. And, he responded directly to @DiMera87 by putting him on notice that if he continues to target his family on social media, he will come after him. He said, “I will do my best to find you and break every &*&* finger you have.” 'General Hospital' (GH) News: Bryan Craig (Morgan Corinthos) Attacked On Social Media - Reacts Strongly Bryan later deleted the tweet where he threatened violence to the twitter member. He apologized for his reaction and said he was angry for the attack on his family. It seems people have forgotten that Bryan Craig is a real person, even though he is an actor, it doesn’t immune from him feeling upset when he is attacked. It is perfectly fine to attack Morgan, as he is a character on a soap, however, to attack his family were completely out of line.

The poster, DiMera87 and his followers, posted they hope that ABC fires Bryan over the social media attacks. They continue to rant that he is an idiot, and his father thinks he is really Sonny Corthinos. Maurice Benard tweeted to Bryan, “Hey Bryan; we have to have haters. They are what you call motivation. The best revenge is great work. Don’t fight, appreciate.”  

Although Bryan has decided to take a break from Social Media, “I may have to take a break from Twitter for awhile , I appreciate all of you who support me immensely , but all the negativity is too much” The tweeter DiMera87 continues his campaign against Bryan.

'General Hospital' (GH) News: Bryan Craig (Morgan Corinthos) Attacked On Social Media - Reacts Strongly

What do you think SOSers, do you think DiMera87 pushed Bryan too far?  What are your thoughts on Bryan’s reaction?

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  1. Janice says

    I feel it was blown Up! I also feel his parents need to stay out of the limelight he’s not a child I understand the Craig family however Twitter is for us to voice how we feel. Not everybody likes every Soap star & their characters, that’s life! Look at Maurice he said it is 100% correct !

  2. Di says

    You might want to double check your facts because this article is crap. His family attacked fans first and he replied to tweets his was never even tagged in. There is no excuse for threatening to break the fingers of fan. Had this been a popular actor, media would have ripped him apart over this. This piece of “journalism” is the biggest piece of PR crap I’ve ever seen. You might trying writing a factual piece instead of coming across like a fan of the actor.

  3. Jenny says

    Bryan has feelings and he had every right to be angry. perhaps he went a bit far but the Dimera guy should have not said nothing.

  4. Barbara Darlin says

    You have misprepresented events.

    Tweets were not direct @ Bryan OR his parents.

    They CHOOSE to troll timelines/jump into other conversations and then responded to mentions of him. If they had not been trolling, they would not have been involved at all.

  5. Samantha says

    DiMera57 did not start this by directing any comments at Bryan Craig or his family, which was not clear in this posting. It blew up when Bryan’s family found his tweets and then tweeted at Dimera57. He then replied back to them. Then Bryan joined in and threatened DiMera57.

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