General Hospital Fashion: Get Helena Cassadine’s Faux Fur Coat and Hat For Less – Constance Tower’s Style!

General Hospital Fashion Get Helena Cassadine's Faux Fur Coat and Hat For Less - Constance Tower's Style

Constance Towers is 81 years old and portrays the deliciously evil Helena Cassadine with such style and finesse. Even while plotting with Fluke on the docks during the January 30th episode of ‘General Hospital,’ Cassadine wore a gorgeous white mink coat with matching hat.

Before you get too squirmy, the coat is 100% faux fur. That makes it even better! It’s a knee-length (37″ stroller) white mink coat. The cut is figure caressing and has a boned standup collar, creating a strong vertical silhouette for a long and lean look.

amazon white mink fur

You can find this gorgeous, animal-friendly coat at Donna Salyers’ Fabulous Furs. It currently retails for $400. Amazon has a very similar piece for $279 if you are looking for something a little more budget-friendly.

It’s so good to have Helena back. Fans welcomed her return in 2014, after Robin Scorpio-Drake developed a protocol that revived her. The role has been played by many famous faces including Elizabeth Taylor.

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  1. Megan says

    General Hospital is one of my favorite Soap Opera’s. I love that you were able to find similar fashion for less. They really do look almost identical, but the more budget friendly one is perfect! Thanks!

  2. Jessica Beal Harlow says

    That coat and hat are gorgeous! I would love to sport that outfit especially with the Winter Wonderland that we’ve got! Another 12 inches of snow today!

  3. Katie says

    What a great look! I love the fauz fur fashions! Never watched General Hospital though. Might have to give it a look sometime!

  4. Stephanie Keeping says

    I have to admit that coat looks pretty warm!

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