‘General Hospital’ Comings And Goings: Finola Hughes Set To Reprise GH Role As Anna Devane!

'General Hospital' Comings And Goings: Finola Hughes Set To Reprise GH Role As Anna Devane!

Maybe this is the news that General Hospital fans have been waiting to hear! According to Soap Opera Digest, fan favorite Finola Hughes, who plays Anna Devane on the ABC soap opera General Hospital, will be returning to General Hospital sooner than most fans expected.

Soap Opera Digest reports that “Anna’s sojourn to Ireland was slated to last until Hughes returned in September,” which means fans will only have to wait a couple more months before Anna Devane returns to the daytime soap opera, General Hospital, and picks up where she last left off.

The last time we saw Finola Hughes on General Hospital she gave viewers an emotional performance, revealing that her character, Anna Devane, could no longer stay in Port Charles. In her last moments right before leaving Port Charles, Anna is visited by none other than Luke Spencer, played by Anthony Geary.

This emotional scene between the two iconic General Hospital actors struck a chord with fans, as these are two of me most cared about characters on the show. The scene was definitely emotional and die hard fans of General Hospital were happy to see these two get a proper goodbye before Anthony Geary leaves General Hospital as Luke Spencer on July 27.

The scene was full of real emotion and you could see it in the actors mannerisms, and even in their eyes, that this was a goodbye, not only for Anna Devane and Luke Spencer, but this was Finola Hughes saying goodbye to Anthony Geary.

Are you excited to hear that Finola Hughes will soon return as Anna Devane on General Hospital? Let us know in the comments below.

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