‘General Hospital’ Casting News: GH Looking for 3 to 6 Month Old Twins! Olivia Bringing Leo Home?

'General Hospital' Casting News: GH Looking for 3 to 6 Month Old Twins! Olivia Bringing Leo Home?“General Hospital” (GH) news includes a casting call for identical twin boys aged three to six-months-old for an on-going recurring role. This can only mean one thing right? Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero) is bringing baby Leo back to Port Charles from Bensonhurst!

Twins are usually cast to portray young characters on daytime dramas – Lisa said she wouldn’t mind working with her four-month-old daughter Verity. According to report in ABC Soaps In Depth – October 12 through October 18 – LoCicero “would be happy for it to be Verity. If I was working with my baby, I would probably be able to keep her quiet. She would have to [play] a boy, and she could certainly do that!”

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If baby Leo is coming home to his mommy how in the world will she explain his presence to the residents of Port Charles AND Julian Jerome (William deVry) – he is going to blow a gasket! Not only did she attempt to hide Leo’s paternity – she outright LIED to Julian and told him their baby died! And now that Julian is out of the mob business for good Olivia really has no reason to keep Leo from his daddy. Olivia is going to have a lot of explaining to do!

The role of Leo had not yet been cast when this issue of Soaps In Depth went to publication – and “GH” was on hiatus during the first three weeks of September. With the new head writers Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante vowing to bring more romance and family-centered storylines back to “General Hospital” it almost – but not entirely – certain that the casting call for identical infant twin boys will bring Leo home to his mommy.

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Will the fallout of Olivia’s actions have dire consequences? What do you think Julian is going to do when he sees Olivia around town with a baby boy? Will he confront her? Will she tell him the truth? Will he sue her for custody? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. And don’t forget to come back to Soap Opera Spy for soap opera news, rumors and gossip.

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