General Hospital 2015 Nurses Ball Spoilers: Duke Lavery Will Die (Or Will He?)

General Hospital 2015 Nurses Ball Spoilers: Duke Lavery Will Die (Or Will He?)

It’s been confirmed that Ian Buchanan, portrayer of Duke Lavery, is leaving ‘General Hospital’. Rumor has it that his last appearance will be at the Nurses Ball slated for air dates on May 1, May 4th and 5th. But more interesting still is that it will be Anna Devane [Finola Hughes] that orchestrates her true love’s exit from Port Charles.

And no, the newly minted Federal agent is not putting Duke in Witness Protection – she will shoot and kill him. The night of the Nurses Ball will be one of chaotic violence with a hit man making a move on Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard] and Carly Corinthos [Laura Wright]. While Jake Doe aka Jason Morgan [Billy Miller] will work to take out the assassin that’s aiming at them, there will be another shootout between the Jerome and Corinthos crime families.

It’s during this confrontation that Anna will shoot Duke. While it’s not clear how this will happen, there are a couple of likely scenarios. First, since Duke has his eye on Anna’s undercover sidekick Jordan Ashford [Vinessa Antoine] and is sure she’s reporting on him and the other Corinthos mobsters, he may make a move to take her out. Anna may have to choose between Duke and Jordan and will have to shoot Duke, despite her love for him, to save her fellow law officer.

‘General Hospital’ rumors indicate that Jordan will be injured in the shoot out, as will Dante Falconeri [Dominic Zamprogna], so this first scenario is one sound alternative. Another is that Anna will be pinned down with a wounded Dante and Jordan when they came to address the mob shoot-out and she’ll shoot wildly at the mobsters to try and quell the disturbance and will accidentally shoot Duke. It would be more dramatic if she chose to shoot him rather than it being a potshot.

But here’s the real question – will Duke really be dead? And even if the shooting is fatal, is that the real Duke Lavery? Think about it. Back in the late 80s, he faked his own death to protect Anna and entered Witness Protection. All of Port Charles, though, assumed he was dead after a warehouse fire. But he never made it to WITSEC and was instead locked in a Turkish prison (Midnight Express, anyone?) where he met Jonathon Paget.

What seemed idle jailhouse chat allowed Jonathon to learn enough about Duke, is past and relationship with Anna to masquerade as Duke. He was able to convince Anna that he was Duke wearing another face but then that Duke was gunned down by Julian Jerome. Wouldn’t it be ironic if it was Julian that killed what, by now, is Duke 3.0 rather than it being Anna that puts a bullet into him? Alas, that’s not what the story lines indicate.

And then, just a few years ago, Duke once again ambled into Port Charles to reunite with Anna. But this also was not the real Duke. In fact, Duke 2.0 was really Cesar Faison in disguise. He had the real Duke locked away for safe keeping. One has to question how Anna couldn’t realize that fake-Duke wasn’t some random dude in a mask. This is not Scooby Doo or Mission Impossible. Masks are obvious – especially when you’re sucking face with someone.

But to be fair, Cesar wasn’t faking his love for Anna so maybe it was passion that convinced her to ignore the obvious. Then Cesar was exposed and the “real” Duke was released from captivity – turns out Cesar and Liesl Obrecht had him in storage in Switzerland for quite some time. Then he was re-kidnapped by Cesar and held at Wyndemere at the Cassadine family compound. This begs the question, with Duke out of sight for so long, is the Duke that will perish at the Nurses Ball the real Lavery?

Ian Buchanan is said to be leaving the show for good – as in, forever. He’s got a couple of new projects showing on IMDB including romantic comedy Byrd and the Bees and a dark comedy titled One Week in Hollywood. More importantly, he’s slated to reprise the character of Dick Tremayne in Showtime’s reboot of cult classic Twin Peaks. But, as we all know with soaps, dead isn’t really dead. If Buchanan decides he wants to return to GH, no doubt the writers will find a way to revive Duke.

Duke could return as a…
Duke clone created when he was held captive by evil Obrecht
Duke twin previously unknown who has been living back in Scotland
Duke for real because this was another fake death to get him out of the mob for good
Duke for real because the Duke killed at the Nurses Ball was Cesar Faison back in a Duke mask
Duke ghost who’s haunting Anna Devane for shooting him
Duke vampire (Port Charles had a fanged infestation at one point, right?)
Duke look-alike who is not Duke but just a guy who looks like Duke (think Bill Eckert and Luke)

So what do you think, Soap Opera Spies? Will Duke be dead and gone for good when he goes down in a hail of bullets at the Nurses Ball? Or will this turn out to be another faux-Duke that died so show runners can bring back Ian Buchanan if he decides he wants to head back to Port Charles?

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  1. lisa says

    Duke is a Goodman who cares for his family!like always.Anna needs to open her eyes wild before its to late.

  2. Ramona Vandyke says

    I love General Hospital its my comfort zone and Duke is one of the characters that o simply love…

    1. Annemarie LeBlanc says

      Me too I so hope he does not die!

  3. nicole says

    I love this show been watching since I was a little girl. I don’t want duke to die then sonny will have to take back the mob I like him with his hands cleaN. I want them to let jake know he is jason though!!!

  4. lisa says

    Duke should not be shot he is one of the good guys.Sam really needs to no that her husband is standing right near are all this time.

    1. Crystal says

      Why they take so long to reveal Jason’s identity I so disappointed I taught after Carly exposed Rick the rest all the secret would come out. I haven’t since because of that I have no patient for stupidity.

  5. lisa says

    Anna no’s Duke still loves her with all his heart.Anna also loves Duke to.When he’s with Lucy she’s gets mad.

  6. B.G. Walsh says

    I just want Jason back with Sam. Tired of Elizabeth being portraid as a gal who wants a man SO bad. She lost Jason to Sam. Lost Rick to Alexis. Lost Nicholas to Britt. Rick went into witness protection. Jason & Sam had a son, Jason died. After Nicholas gave his heart to Britt, Elizabeth dug until she found out what Britt was hiding. That broke up Nick & Britt, but now Liz latched on to Jake/Jason. Pitiful. I don’t know how she stands this role. She had one child when she came back to PC. I think he was hispanic, Never hear about him anymore. Then there was Jake, her son with Jason, Then there was Cameron, who I think was Lucky’s but she originally said was Nicholas’ son. Come On! Give Jason back to Sam, Patrick back to Carmen(?) Santiago, Michael back to KiKi, Nicholas back to Elizabeth, I am dizzy from all the musical chairs.

  7. patricia caputo says

    i am so tired of elizabeth. bad writing to predictable. Everyone wants jason back with sam . its going on to long and getting borring. Elizabeth is a bitch and i hate her with jason. But i bet she gets pregnant again because the writers do the same stories over and over again. also give avery back to sonny or ava when she comes back. How many more times can a baby get kidnapped.It either was michael of silis. And lets not forget that michael is NOT avery brother he was ADOPTED. no blood relations.

  8. rbusciop says

    Here is the correct history about Elizabeth and her children..three different children..three different father’s..Cameron was with Zander..Jake was with Jason..Aidan was with Lucky, but was thought to be Nikolas’ for a time..
    As far a Lukee..i believe that as long as he’s alive..he will continue to make the occasional cameo…Luke has always taken loads of time if he’s gone for a be it..mark my words..he will be back..

  9. sharon says

    I an so sad Ian is leaving.
    There are others that could go but not Duke
    They have never really given Ian a good story line. He had so much potential. If they were to give him a good story it would be awesome WHY

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