‘Days of Our Lives’ Rumors: Will Horton A Murder Victim, DOOL Guy Wilson Out?

'Days of Our Lives' Rumors: Will Horton A Murder Victim, DOOL Guy Wilson Out? “Days of Our Lives” spoilers tease that an intricate murder mystery is about to begin. We know that several characters will be killed off, but there’s no official confirmation on who will bite the dust. However, we’re hearing some strong DOOL rumors that point to Will’s (Guy Wilson) sudden demise. Serial Scoop says a source close to the show informed them that Will is about to meet a grisly end. In addition, a blurry cast chart for April was leaked and many sharp-eyed “Days” fans are fairly sure that Guy Wilson isn’t on it.

If you need more evidence that Will may be a goner, you might want to take a look at one of Wilson’s recent tweets. On August 1, Wilson tweeted that this was a “summer of vicissitudes.” In other words, Wilson is saying this summer brought a change of circumstances that may have been unpleasant or unwelcome. Hmm…that certainly sounds like the tweet of someone who was let go from his job.

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers reveal that Sonny (Freddie Smith) is set to depart next week. DOOL rumors suggest that Sonny will leave after one final confrontation with Will. It appears Sonny will decide that it’s better to say goodbye to both Will and Salem. Since the previous head writers pretty much ruined Will’s character with all of his desperate schemes, maybe the new head writers didn’t know what do with him. Perhaps they determined it’d be easier to kill Will and at least get some good drama from the aftermath.

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It’s worth mentioning that Freddie Smith was interviewed on set a few weeks after his initial departure. Smith was wearing Sonny’s wedding ring, which may mean he returned to tape more scenes. Did Sonny come back for Will’s funeral? It’s definitely something to consider. Stick with Soap Opera Spy for updates on the murder and mayhem ahead on “Days of Our Lives.”

So “Days” fans, what do you think about the news that Will is rumored to be one of the upcoming murder victims? Do you believe there’s enough evidence to support the rumors? Would you be disappointed if Will was killed off? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy tomorrow for the latest “Days of Our Lives” spoilers, rumors, updates and news.

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  1. marguerite leonard says

    Hell no I won’t be disappointed. I would even hold the door open for him! He is one of the worst actors I have ever seen. The faces he is constantly making is sickening. I have seen him on NCIS and was as bad there! Granted the writers did not help with the story line. I hate the way he always has his arms around people and always touching people. Even in group pictures he has to be hanging on. He sickens me to no end. Just disgusting!!!

  2. Sheila Freund says

    I won’t miss Will. The writers totally ruined Will’s character. The ONLY way I’d want to see Will live is if they brought back Chandler Massey.

  3. Debra says

    Make sure you take Ben also, i want Chad and Abi together

    1. Darlene says

      Will be happy to see Will go, and I agree, take Ben off also and put Abigail and Ched together.

    2. Rebel Johnson says

      Me too!!! And take that nasty Clyde with him!

  4. leeannlovingthebooks says

    I would not be sad to see Will go. They changed him too much and he, to me anyway, was no longer lovable. , He went from a lovable, fight to keep Sonny at all costs, amazing bf/Dad to a man who cheated twice , lies, never takes responsibility for what he has done idiot. He went so far as to imply it was Sonny’s fault he cheated. Some say he is another Sami, well I didn’t want him to be one. He claimed he NEVER would become like her and they made him into a very unlikable person. . I think If they do kill Will off, Sonny will come back to bury his husband. I was suspicious when Guy stopped putting out pics of himself at the studio. That told me he was done there. I could be wrong of course but…..

  5. Lotus827 says

    Please kill him off and put us out of the misery we experience every time he is onset.

  6. Lenoreelkins@yahoo.com says

    I won’t be sorry to see Guy Wilson leave but not Will, I’ve looked ed Will since Chandler Massey portrayed him, I’m to say Guy ruined the character

  7. dori weiler says

    Oh PLEASE kill him off. I am so tired of looking at him. I have to ff thru his scenes because his mouth movements and his faces are disgusting. I thought his mom was bad and a bad schemer but he is worse. I cannot stand to look at him. I am glad sonny is leaving too. Hate the s/l. You can take paul also and ben who is so sickening and will end up just like his dad because he has a temper.Oh yes,, please take eve off too.

  8. Harold says

    I definitely wouldn’t be said to see Will (Guy Wilson) leave. I think that he is a terrible actor and his actions on camera are sickening. I am very sad to see Sonny (Freddie Smith) leave. I hope that he comes back some time in the future.

  9. jh126 says

    Guy Wilson ruined the Will Horton character. And I liked Ben till his father got into his head. So now Ben’s killed Will, let’s hope Rafe figures it out soon, before anyone tries to kill Chad. Chad needs to stay, since we all know it’s his baby Abigail is carrying. That other lab tech needs to “discover” the false report, so that Chad & Abigail can be together to raise THEIR baby. Any maybe there’s a chance for Gabi and JJ to become friends eventually? I CANNOT figure out Aiden’s motives. He’s sneaky, and I hope his plan to get Chad captured by that goon falls through. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if Clyde were to be killed off, too.

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