CBS Executive VP Angelica McDaniel Praises Chuck Pratt Jr And The Direction He Is Taking Y&R

CBS Executive VP Angelica McDaniel Praises Chuck Pratt Jr And The Direction He Is Taking Y&ROh, boy, Angelica McDaniel felt it was necessary to stand up for her pal and the “Y&R” head writer, Chuck Pratt Jr. Fans have not been happy with the direction of “Young and the Restless”, ever since Pratt took over as head scribe last year. Fans have said they refuse to watch the terrible storylines; however, the rating reports tell a very different story. Angelica McDaniel, the CBS executive Vice president  wanted to set the record straight about Pratt and the direction, he is taking “Y&R.”

McDaniel told Michael Fairman that she was not concerned at all by some of the fan backlash. She said the fact is that 20 million people tune in to watch CBS daytime shows, every single day. She wanted fans to realize that the show you see today is not the end to the story. The story is a journey, and the plot will unfold as you watch.

She said that Chuck was not just thinking of the next four or six weeks, he is thinking long-term and where he’d like to see a character in one or two years from now Under his writing, “Young and the Restless” ratings are up over eight percent. She said you can’t please everyone. One fan may love the Hilary (Mishael Morgan) storyline, and another hates it. She explained that was why there are multiple storylines going on, because there is something for everyone, basically.

She said that the numbers do not lie; “Y&R” is still doing very well and a fan favorite. Pratt and Jill Farren Phelps are doing an impressive job, according to Angelica McDaniel. She expects great things from them in the coming months leading up to November sweeps.

The thing she doesn’t understand is that fan loyalty will only go so far. At some point, the fans will stop tuning in if the storylines don’t improve. How do you feel about “Y&R” right now? Do you think that Chuck Pratt Jr. is doing a good job as the head writer?

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  1. Skiwoman says

    The current story lines are horrible.It’s difficult to keep watching

  2. Ramkna says

    Not really please with this writer because it’s time for love and family storylines with the children Yes! some drama of killing and schemes is ok, but! Sense it affect the world and the violence within the family empire business a change is needed.. I think Ssge @ Nick need a awesome love storyline within a positive outcome and Sharon and Dylan she also have a strong awesome love relationship because it shown that either through past marriage relationship didn’t work out and having children they can move on!!! Parents involved in adult children affairs only turn them away from there parents… Look at Nick and Victornia they cut all ties to there father Victor because of his messing in there relationships!!! I think there more storylines that can bring out many disease and health issues and there’s all kind of views and fans that wants to see the storylines that can help within this world and know that the views will stay draw to the set!!!

  3. Nikki says

    I am glad Nick finally said he had a lot to do with Sharon going into the big BiPolar state. Also mentioned she always had it but it made it worse when Cassie died and he had a baby with Phyllis. Finally the truth through the years. Sharon also cares about people. Love that about her. Please heal her and let her help others on the show. Like a mentor to the Characters. She is happy to help even her enemies. It’s awesome. Why I have liked her from day one of the show. Would love to see Shick back together. I know a lot more people who would also.

    1. cja329 says

      Except a person cannot make another person bipolar… So that line was dumb.

  4. Cathy says

    I want to see Sharon tell Dylan about the miscarriage. I want him to stand by her and marry her to show her how much he loves her. Let Sharon be happy now. She deserves it.

    Neal needs to own up to what he did and have to suffer the consequences. I want to see Nick and Sage be happy in their new life. I don’t want to see a steal the baby story line or Sage losing her baby. That has been played too much on this show.

    Also where is Jill and Gloria. They need to come back to the show!!!! I would love to see a reunion with Jill and her brothers and their wives. Bring back some of the original characters for a little bit.

  5. sue says

    I love Sharon also great actress, she plays every roll great but the writers need to give her a better story line let her be happy with Dillon and let them be together for awhile.

  6. cja329 says

    What I’m going to hate is bringing crazy Patty back once again and the over-the-top story line that seems to be looming with possibly baby stealing. Shees.

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