Y&R Spoilers: Claire’s Family Trip Into The Past, Victoria And Cole Try To Recreate History?

The Young and The Restless (Y&R) spoilers and updates Claire Grace (Hayley Erin) will be treated to a family trip into the past, so to speak. Cole Howard (J. Eddie Peck) and Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) will give Claire a history lesson and try to recreate how her life would have been if she hadn’t been kidnapped.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – They May Sugarcoat The Bad Parts

In reality, Cole and Victoria actually were separated when baby Eve was born-Cole was Victoria’s second husband and he cheated with Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) and Victoria got pregnant on purpose.

She’d hoped to hang onto Cole with the pregnancy but it didn’t work out that way, and she was dating Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) when pregnant, and she got appendicitis.

Y&R Spoilers: Claire’s Family Trip Into The Past, Victoria And Cole Try To Recreate History?Victoria’s appendix burst and this forced her into a premature caesarian section to save her life, and baby Eve was in very bad shape.

Later, they were told she died in the NICU although Cole carried Victoria in and showed her baby Eve in the bassinet, all kinds of tubes and life support attached.

It’s understandable they may sugarcoat the state of their marriage at the time although Claire already knows the rest, about her being kidnapped by Jordan (Colleen Zenk) from the NICU.

Y & R Spoilers – They Almost Didn’t Get Remarried

Cole was working as a ranch hand at the Newman Ranch when he and Victoria fell in love-his mother, Eve Howard (Margaret Mason) had heard they got married.

Eve died from a virus caused by a mosquito bite but not before sending Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) a letter claiming Cole was his son. In the meantime, Cole and Victoria had gone to Las Vegas and eloped-which was annulled upon their return.

However, Cole later found a love letter in his mother’s things from another man, and DNA tests were done showing Victor was not his father, so they remarried.

It lasted four years until they broke up again, because of the cheating, Victoria becoming pregnant on purpose with Claire.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – If They’d Known Baby Eve Had Lived, Things May Have Been Different

Even though the young couple had their problems, if they’d have known their baby had lived, they may have remarried again-they’ve talked about it more recently.

Perhaps they’ll take Eve to a park and have a picnic, and push her on a swing, like they would have done had she lived with them as a child.

They may take her to the house where Cole lived as a ranch hand, and possibly where they lived when they remarried, before things fell apart.

Victoria tells her they’ll show her where it all began for them, so that sounds exactly like what they’re planning-Cole telling her they plan to show her.

Claire is happy and excited about the prospect of a family “trip into the past” and it looks to be a happy family outing.

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