Theresa Caputo Nearly Ruined Iconic Hairdo

Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo admitted that she nearly ruined her iconic hairdo. She became known for her platinum blonde beehive. Critics have wanted Theresa to get a new hairstyle, especially after the premiere of her Lifetime series Raising Spirits. Read on to learn more.

Theresa Caputo – Talks Iconic Hairstyle

The TLC star moved to Lifetime. She has a new show and a new outlook on life. Theresa Caputo was criticized for her iconic hairstyle.

Many critics begged her to tone down her style, including her long nails and orange tan. Theresa is promoting her new series Raising Spirits, which follows her personal life and professional life.

Theresa Caputo Nearly Ruined Iconic HairdoShe was a guest on the Tuesday, January 30 episode of Not Skinny, But Not Fat podcast. Host Amanda Hirsch asked the medium about her hairstyle.

Theresa wore it higher than ever for the interview. She admits that she made the “worst mistake” that nearly ruined her hairstyle.

“If you’re having an emotional moment, don’t ever go to your hairdresser,” Theresa Caputo said. “That is the worst mistake you can ever make because that’s what happened to me.”

She explained that she was struggling after her grandmother passed away. Theresa was having a bad hair day. She went to the salon for a trim and keratin treatment.

The reality star sat in the stylist’s chair and had a breakdown. She begged the hairstylist to chop her hair off.

“That’s how I ended up with my short hair,” Theresa explained.

Long Island Medium Star Talks Iconic Beehive

During the interview, Theresa Caputo explained the evolution behind her hairstyle. It’s now longer and higher than ever. Amanda wanted to know how Theresa maintains her hairstyle.

“I just wanted to let my hair grow again, and I just don’t like my hair in my face,” she said. “Then I constantly put my hands through there, and then my nails will get stuck in my hair, and if I have food. So, I just like my hair off my face.”

She received criticism about her looks over the years. Some argued that it’s “outdated.” However, Theresa insists on keeping her iconic hairstyle. She tried a makeover in the past but didn’t feel comfortable with the way she looked.

What are your thoughts on Theresa Caputo nearly ruining her hair? Does that surprise you? What are your thoughts on her new series? Sound off below in the comment section.

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