Teaser: When Is The Night Agent Season 2 Coming To Netflix?

Production to start on season 2 of The Night Agent
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In the first half of 2023, viewers loved the Netflix series The Night Agent, which then hit No. 1 on the streaming network. It did so well that the streamer renewed the show almost immediately.

However, as TV viewers know, the WGA Writer’s and SAG-AFTRA actors’ strikes caused havoc with production, delaying many series and TV movies from airing. In the case of The Night Agent, showrunner Shawn Ryan had no choice but to wait until the strikes were over before starting work.

Latest status of The Night Agent season 2

Starring Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland Jr. along with Luciane Buchanan as Rose Larkin, season 2 of The Night Agent is much anticipated. The first bit of good news is that both Basso and Buchanan will return for season 2.

The Night Agent season 2 starts production
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Finally, after nine months of streaming season 1 of The Night Agent, Netflix has announced the start of production of season 2. In an Instagram post, Netflix wrote:

The Night Agent: Season 2 filming has commenced. Stay tuned for Season 2, and we love you the Night Agent fam! Have an amazing year ahead, stay hooked #thenightagent

The post also included a brief teaser of the upcoming season, which thoroughly excited fans. One wrote, “Omg I cannot wait! Best show In a really long time!!”

Among the comments, another fan wrote, “We need the main cast back otherwise you can keep it.” Luckily for that fan, they are keeping the main cast indeed.

What can fans expect?

The Night Agent
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So far, it is unclear what fans of The Night Agent can look forward to in the second season. While we know production has started and that there will be 10 episodes, there is little in the way of spoilers for season 2.

However, showrunner Shawn Ryan has always had a plan for additional seasons of the hit series. Shawn Ryan told Comic Book, it isn’t easy as season 1 of The Night Agent was based on the Matthew Quirk novel of the same name and the first season was based on that book.

However, there were no other books to work from as this was a standalone novel. However, Ryan’s plans for the series are that each season will be a self-contained story.

In the new season, Ryan explained to Comic Book that he was taking the story out of Washington, DC, and setting it in a different part of the world. While Basso and Larkin are confirmed to return, the setting of season 2 will bring in a new cast, as well as a new story.

Moreover, Ryan said they are going to do their best to tell a story that feels right within The Night Agent universe while being “new, fresh and exciting.”

Readers, are you excited about this teaser for The Night Agent season 2? While there is no estimate of a premiere date, at least we know it is coming in 2024.

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