Sister Wives Spoilers: Why Do Fans Think Kody Brown Had an Affair?

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that now that three of Kody Brown’s wives have left him, there are rumors going around that he had an affair. Some die hard fans of the show have started to dig a lot more and from what they have seen, they think there are plenty of clues that show he has been unfaithful to all four of his wives. Let’s take a closer look at why they have these suspicions.

Sister Wives Spoilers – The Four Marriages

When Kody first took an interest in Robyn Brown, his other wives thought he was acting strangely. He had started to be very dishonest with them and they just knew something was going on.

Kody would sneak around and was coming off as pretty shady while they were beginning their relationship. Of course, his wives did find out about Robyn and they had to accept her eventually.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Why Do Fans Think Kody Brown Had an Affair?These actions have led fans to think that he could have more than likely been sneaking around on every wife if he did it with Robyn.

After breaking this down, there were some Redditors that wanted to share their opinion about a possible affair.

These Redditors feel as if Robyn and Kody’s entire relationship was basically an affair since the other three wives weren’t sure what was going on. He was sneaking behind their backs to see Robyn, so could they be right?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Redditors Weigh In

Even when Robyn and Kody got together, fans think his shady behavior says it all. He would sneak away to kiss her even though his other wives would be curious as to what he was doing. His behavior comes off as someone who is trying to hide something or someone.

However, now that his other marriages are over and he only has Robyn, will this cause him to cheat on her the way he did on the other three?

This debate has escalated on Reddit and most users of the site feel that Kody will move on as quickly as he can if he gets bored with Robyn.

Their future may not be very clear as of right now, but from the looks of it, fans of the show feel as if he is close to finding a new woman in his life. We will just have to wait and see.

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