Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown’s Marriage Ruined When His Ego Overtook His Religious Beliefs

Sister Wives Spoilers Kody Brown’s Marriage Ruin When His Ego Overtook His Religious BeliefsSister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown is still with Robyn Brown. However, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown have all left. Is Kody’s ego responsible for the fall of Kody’s family? After all, Kody admitted that being a polygamist was all about ego.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Season 17 Revealed The Polygamy Truth

Sister Wives Spoilers reveal that during Season 17 on the show, Kody tells Sukanya Krishnan, and the rest of America that polygamy was all about the ego.

This came after Kody begin discussing his 1994 marriage to Christine Brown. Of course, Kody says he felt obligated to do so because of her status in the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB).

Kody says he didn’t love Christine, “I felt a lot of pressure. Christine was part of it; she was basically royalty in our church. It’s not fair, but I look back, and it was not fair for me to go, ‘Oh, this will make me look cool in our church.” When asked about marrying Christine he said, “Oh, I was a polygamist. It’s all ego, baby.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – “Where We Go One, We Go All.”

Kody has also proved that this is not the case when it comes to his family. Kody plays favorites and all of his wives figured that out. Christine was the first to realize that and to make a point of getting out.

However, perhaps Christine should have made this move years ago. Christine was rather miserable by the time she left.

Kody seems to have used his wives to build him up emotionally, financially, and spiritually, all the while he was tearing them down.

Kody had his place in the Celestial Kingdom secured and that was his main goal. Now Kody has Robyn who craves his attention and ultimately gives him a huge ego boost.

Sister Wives Spoilers – A Status Symbol

When Kody married Christine, he not only gained a wife, but he gained a status symbol as well. Christine is AUB royalty as she is part of the Allred but the Labaron families, as well.

Kody readily admitted that Christine being “blue blooded” was the one thing that had certainly caught his eye when she wanted to be a part of his family.

Christine shared some truths as well, “It’s not like I could just go into a family where I thought the wife was really cool. But if there’s no chemistry with the man, it’s not going to go anywhere.” “It’s not going to be a good relationship, or it’s going to be a relationship that you’re going to have to build and really, really work on. The reverse is true. If you only have a good relationship with the man, to have a plural family, [you have to have a good relationship with your sister wives] Meri and Janelle.”

“Janelle Brown was the next to separate from Kody. She left in 2022, ending their spiritual marriage. Finally, Meri and Kody Brown announced their separation in January 2023. Theirs was the first legal union, beginning in 1990.” Kody and Meri were already emotionally separated so he didn’t fight her when she chose to leave.

Kody fought with both Christine and Janelle when they decided to leave the family. Christine leaving was particularly and issue because Kody lost his deep connection to the AUB.

Kody also tried to make this all about Truly Brown being moved to another state as well. However, Kody still has Robyn and their five kids.

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