Sister Wives Spoilers: Did Kody Brown REALLY Use Meri Brown For Money?

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that there are fans who feel as if Kody Brown was using Meri Brown for her money all along. Many fans have been watching the older episodes back and have discovered that there were subtle signs all along.

Kody told Meri time and time again that he was falling out of love with her and she continued to try and win him over every time. The two of them have split up and when she left him and now fans of the show have started to see the hints that Kody was using her all along. Let’s take a closer look at what led fans to think this and what they have to say now.

Sister Wives Spoilers  – Meri And Kody Brown’s Marriage

While Meri and Kody were married, there were plenty of ups and downs. Kody continued to string her along and would often tell her that there was no love between them.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Did Kody Brown REALLY Use Meri Brown For Money?Meri tried her best to win him over time and time again, but without fail, he always told her that they would never be the way that they were when they first got married.

Even though Kody seemed very upset that their marriage was over, there are some fans of the show who feel that he isn’t that upset about it.

Kody’s first wife was Meri and she sacrified her legal marriage to him in order for him to marry Robyn Brown and legally adopt her children.

Viewers felt as if this was the beginning of the end of their marriage, but no matter what, Meri stuck it out in order to try and save things. In the end, it didn’t work out in her favor though.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Did Kody Brown REALLY Use Meri Brown?

Kody has said that he truly did love Meri, but after watching some older episodes, some Redditors pointed out that money was the only thing on his mind when it came to Meri.

In one of their discussions about Coyote Pass, it seemed pretty clear that Kody wanted to partner with her for the development of the land.

He made comments about how she could help pay for the land and this has led Redditors to share what they think.

Redditors pointed out that Kody was all about Meri paying off the land and they felt that if she watched Season 18 over again, she would see just how much he used her their entire marriage.

Kody seems to have had his eyes on the prize with all of his wives, but now that he is down to one, who knows what will happen financially for him. We will just have to wait and see.

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