Sister Wives: Christine Brown And David Woolley Have Something To Celebrate

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has shared something exciting about her new husband David Woolley.  The newlyweds have something to celebrate, again!  Keep reading for all the details and more Sister Wives spoilers and updates.

Christine Brown has been on a health and weight loss journey for years now, Sister Wives viewers have watched Kody Brown’s ex-wife shed the pounds over several seasons.

Christine’s Sister Wives Janelle and Meri Brown also lost a considerable amount of weight.  Now, Christine is getting her new husband on her health kick.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Star Christine Brown Shares Weight Loss News

Christine revealed on her social media that her husband David Woolley has made some lifestyle changes and has already lost twenty pounds!

Sister Wives: Christine Brown And David Woolley Have Something To CelebrateThe Sister wives star explained in a video she uploaded, “A few months ago for health reasons, David quit drinking soda, quit eating sugar, I put him on a few supplements and he loses 20 pounds, just like that.  20 pounds! Do you know how hard I work to lose 20 pounds?” she added.

“The situation where men can lose weight quicker and easier is absolute rubbish.  That’s just really, really super frustrating! I work so hard to lose that 20 pounds!”

Sister Wives Spoilers – Is David Woolley Going To Be On Sister Wives

Christine Brown confirmed a few months ago that she and her new husband David Woolley have already filmed some scenes for a new season of Sister Wives on TLC. 

It sounds like the newlyweds are getting camera-ready and Christine can’t wait to show off her hunky new husband.

Last month Christine and David Woolley did a joint interview with People Magazine and revealed that David was skeptical about being on television when they first met, but now they are filming dates together. 

It sounds like Christine Brown’s new husband is a natural and will be a fixture on Sister Wives moving forward.

Are you a fan of Christine Brown’s new husband?  Are you looking forward to new Sister Wives episodes?  Let us know in the comments below and keep checking back here for more Brown Family news and updates.

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