Meri Brown Dated Amos Andrews To Stay On Sister Wives?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown in single and back on the market after just announcing she had a new boyfriend two months ago.  What went wrong with Meri Brown and Amos Andrews?  Keep reading for all the deets, and more Sister Wives news and updates.

Hot on the heels of Christine Brown and David Woolley’s massive TLC wedding celebrating, Meri Brown was feeling herself and announced on Instagram that she had a new boyfriend.  But, the media had a field goal with his bankruptcies and past divorces, and we all knew Amos Andrews wouldn’t last.

Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Single Again

Last week Sister Wives star Meri Brown confirmed that she’s single again and back on the market.

Meri Brown Dated Amos Andrews To Stay On Sister Wives?An inside source told The Sun, “Amos’ reputation getting out was a huge issue.  Meri realized he wasn’t so ambitious as her and wasn’t a go-getter. He didn’t have a stable job and that was one major red flag.”

The insider added, “Meri is looking for financial support and someone who can support her goals and help her become successful.  She won’t settle for anything less. She is not settling and wants to do better than the other sister wives.”

Sister Wives fans knew Amos Andrews and Meri Brown’s romance was doomed, Meri had to have known it too.  So, why would she open herself up for all of the ridicule by posting him on social media?

Don’t feel sorry for Meri too fast.  Kody Brown’s first wife has mastered the art of self-promotion on social media and remaining relevant. 

Before the wives all left Kody, Meri was always a trending topic because of her cryptic social media posts.  It sounds like Meri didn’t get played by Amos, but she actually may have played him.

Sister Wives – Did Meri Brown Use Amos Andrews

Sister Wives fans had forgotten about Meri Brown, Christine and David have been the talk of the TLC town for months.  Did Meri debut a doomed relationship just to secure her spot on the family reality TV show?

Rumor has it Christine and David have been hogging the cameras, maybe Meri thought if she brought in a new man she would get more screen time and a bigger pay check? 

Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep checking back here for more Sister Wives news and updates.

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