Royal Photographer Reacts To Prince Harry Offending Queen Camilla

Royal Photographer Reacts To Prince Harry Offending Queen CamillaRoyal photographer Arthur Edwards is not happy about Prince Harry‘s recent behavior towards his family, and while he once “traveled the world” with him, he still doesn’t approve of his brutal attacks against his family.

The icing on the cake for Edwards, of course, was the memoir “Spare,” where Harry dropped a lot of controversial “truths” about growing up as part of the Royal Family, and the fallout that made him leave.

Arthur Edwards Says King Charles Wasn’t Happy About How Prince Harry Portrayed Queen Camilla in “Spare”

You know it’s quite weird that Prince Harry is going on about how he left the Royal Family and the UK to protect his wife and then turn around and bash another person’s wife.

The “wicked stepmother” line may have been funny to Harry when he was writing the book, but according to Edwards, it was very upsetting for the King.

“I imagine the King’s unhappy with Harry being around people where he could learn stories and hear gossip and put it in his next book or his next podcast or next radio or TV interview and it looks like he’s well informed,” he said, adding, “Of course the King felt very upset with that last thing Harry did, the book, especially what he said about his lovely wife Camilla.”

He continued: “Because, I mean, they’re a very loved-up couple and you know, to offend our Queen, like he did in that book, you know, really upset the King. I don’t think he could easily forgive that. And I imagine the King’s had strong words with him over it.”

“Strong words” wasn’t the only thing the King had with him over his decision to publish “Spare,” he actually kicked Harry and wife Meghan Markle out of their only royal residence shortly after the memoir dropped.

The news is that, if Harry wants to stay at any royal residence, he has to ask the King permission for it ahead of time.

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