Royal Family Fed Up With Kate Middleton’s Clingy Mom Carole

Royal Family Fed Up With Kate Middleton's Clingy Mom CaroleKate Middleton’s unexpected surgery and hospital stay broke the internet last week.  Now, royal family news outlets have confirmed that Prince William’s wife had abdominal surgery and is still recuperating at the London Clinic.

Kate Middleton’s Mysterious Surgery

The Palace has strict protocol for royal family members’ hospitalizations. But, Kate Middleton’s smothering mom Carole Middleton is apparently having a tough time following the rules they set in place and it’s creating some tension.

Keep reading to find out what’s going on with the Royals and Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton usually keeps her mom Carole Middleton in line and is careful to make sure Prince William’s in-laws don’t step on any toes and follow protocols.

The Duchess of Cambridge just had abdominal surgery and is currently lying in a hospital bed.  For the first time since she married Prince William, Kate Middleton is literally not able to keep her mum in line.

It’s no secret Carole Middleton has always insisted on being a part of daily activities at William and Kate’s house, she plays a huge role in her grandkids’ lives as well.

It took years for Carole and the Royals to get on the same page.  And, all of Kate’s hard work and peace-making is going out the window while she is lying in a hospital bed.

Carole Middleton Is Getting In The Way

Royal insiders say security has strict rules in place at the hospital, but Carole Middleton seems to think they don’t apply to her.

When she’s not stressing out the patients and doctors at the London Clinic, she’s at Will and Kate’s house micro-managing the kids while their mom is away.

Between hovering over Kate Middleton and her doctors and smothering the grandkids, Carole Middleton has managed to upset a lot of apple carts in the short amount of time her daughter has been hospitalized.

In her defense, what mother wouldn’t be doing the exact same thing she is doing?

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