Meghan Markle Jumped Into the Royal Family But Had No Intention Of Doing Her Part

Meghan Markle Jumped Into the Royal Family But Had No Intention Of Doing Her PartMeghan Markle may have told us she had every intention of being a part of the Royal Family, but experts believe otherwise.

According to royal author Hugo Vickers, the Duchess didn’t care to pull her own weight as a member of the Royal Family.

Meghan Markle Didn’t Want To Be A “Supportive” Member of the Royal Family From the Start, Royal Expert Opines

Last week revealed just how much hole Harry and Meghan’s absence have left in the Royal Family, especially since the King will soon undergo prostate surgery for a benign condition and the Princess of Wales is recovering from a planned abdominal surgery through to April.

This has reopened calls for Harry to return to the family and help them manage this crisis. Though, strictly speaking, Harry has no official capacity within the Royal Family after he was quietly removed as a counsellor of State shortly after his father’s coronation.

However, this health crisis have made many people wonder whether this period could have been smoothly handled if Harry and Meghan hadn’t left.

When Robert Jobson hinted that the Sussexes could have been useful to the monarchy had they not quit in 2020, Mr. Vickers told Page Six: “Meghan Markle had no intention of pulling her weight. She surely had a little plan from the start, which did not include being a hard-working supportive member of the royal family. Harry got on well with his family before he married. Afterwards? I rest my case.”

At the moment, the Royal Family is officially down to one senior working royal, and that is Queen Camilla. Prince William, unsurprisingly, had to take time off to care for his wife and keep his children grounded during these uncertain times.

While Princess Kate won’t return to royal duties till April, King Charles is said to be capable of returning soon after the surgery.

“[Charles] is healthy—he will be able to read the contents of the Red Boxes from his bed, talk to others, as well as the Prime Minister,” royal biographer Marlene Koenig told The Daily Express. “He can meet with the PM virtually—Zoom or a telephone call.”

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