Queen Camilla’s Son Pens New Royal Book, Royal Expert Thinks He’s Sending Prince Harry A Message

Queen Camilla's Son Pens New Royal Book, Royal Expert Thinks He's Sending Prince Harry A MessageOkay, are we in the war of the books era now? Maybe? Anyway, Queen Camilla’s son Tom Parker Bowles has just teased his upcoming book that will be based on the royals, but with all the culinary goodness and none of the drama. Huh, I didn’t know you could write a royal book without it being disparaging or at least controversial.

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Guess who should be Prince Harry‘s new role model? His step-brother Tom Parker Bowles!

The guy is proving that you can sprinkle a little bit of royalty into make your book to make it more interesting – if you’ve got royal deets splash ’em right? – without hurting anyone.

A long time food critic, Tom has compiled 100 recipes, from state banquets to breakfasts and behind-the-scenes facts about life in the royal kitchens. Food, check, royalty, check, yum? Uh…check.

Titled “Cooking and the Crown: Royal Recipes from Queen Victoria to King Charles III,” the book is lauded as “everything from breakfasts, picnic lunches, and dinners, to recipes for coronations and state banquets.”

According to Tom, it’s more than just “roast cygnet, ortolans, and snipe stuffed with foie gras,” it’s a proper cookbook.

Unlike Harry, Tom will reportedly be careful not to stir any mud.

In a recent chat with Fabulous, royal author Phil Dampier said, “Tom is very much supporting and celebrating the monarchy, and would never do anything to damage it.”

In fact, apart from being “supportive” of the monarchy, Dampier opined that the book could also be a veiled message at Harry. “He is sending a message that you can talk about the monarchy in positive terms and not denigrate it as Harry did in Spare. Harry washed his dirty linen in public and that is something Tom would never do.”

Dampier added: “He is the complete opposite to Prince Harry whose book was one long ‘poor me’ moan.”

So maybe Harry needs to take a leaf out of Tom’s book?

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