Prince William No Longer Concerns Himself With Prince Harry, Forges His Role Within the Monarchy

Prince William No Longer Concerns Himself With Prince Harry, Forges His Role Within the MonarchyThe King’s cancer diagnosis and treatment has left Prince William pulling double duty within the monarchy, and without his wife to aid him, he’s really trying his best to cope.

But however well he’s coping or not, one thing’s for sure, he does not want Harry returning to the institution in the guise of helping out a sick father.

He made that perfectly clear by refusing to see Harry when the latter visited the UK earlier this month, and he’s still making it clear by ignoring his existence. At this moment, it’s no longer regal silence, he royally just doesn’t care anymore.

Prince William Has Moved On From Prince Harry Rift

According to a royal expert, if you asked Prince William whether he still has any issues with Harry, he’ll likely disagree.

To him, Harry has made it clear that they’re on different paths, and he hasn’t got the energy or the inclination to deal with whatever drama his brother cooks up at any one time.

Following speculations that Harry means to return to the UK in a temporary royal role, reports surfaced that William has made moves to block any possibility of it happening.

Speaking on this latest development, Jennie Bond said William doesn’t want to be bothered by Harry anymore.

She told The Times radio: “The bricks that have been thrown, the insults, the allegations, the accusations, the hurt, the pain, the rift is too deep now between William and Harry, I think.”

“I personally think William has more or less blotted Harry out of his mind, out of life, and is focused on his role, his family and what he has to do.”

Bond added: “And I think he regards Harry as a nonperson, really, in his life, which is terribly sad.”

Prince William Will Reportedly Feel “Profoundly Hurt” If Harry Returned In A Temporary Role
As for Harry returning to work for the monarchy in a “half-in half-out” sort of way, Bond discredited it.

She opined: “How would William feel? William, steadfast William, who has loyally stood by his father, who has stepped up to the plate when necessary. William would feel profoundly hurt, aggrieved. So that’s not going to happen.”

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