Prince Harry and Meghan Launched Lifestyle Brand To Be Able To Keep Up Their Millionaire Lifestyle

Prince Harry and Meghan Launched Lifestyle Brand To Be Able To Keep Up Their Millionaire LifestyleLiving like royalty is hard, even for two ex-royals. As their deal pool begins to run dry and it seems like they’ve exhausted every royal story they can unleash on the world, Harry and Meghan are scrambling to build new ventures.

From this need to maintain their lifestyle comes American Riviera Orchard, the company that may well save the Sussexes and put them back in the spotlight. Or, even better, make them millions of dollars. (Has anyone ever had a dream that didn’t begin and end with making a million dollars?)

Anyway, as a result of this, urgency to build the lifestyle brand is through the roof, and despite King Charles and Princess Kate’s health ongoing health issues, the brand must go on.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Cannot Slow Down On American Riviera Orchard For This Reason

Harry and Meghan have been living-it-up ever since they left the UK to build a life for themselves in America. Since then, the couple have tried their hands on many different things in order to find the one that clicks for their fanbase.

However, with the launch of American Riviera Orchard – a brand that will reportedly sell common household items like kitchenwares and pet food – experts believe the couple are aware that the money to maintain their high-end lifestyle is quickly running out.

“Harry and Megan certainly have enough money for now to carry on with their Royal lifestyle in America, but the launch of the new brand suggests that they are aware that the money is disappearing fast,” Tom Quinn told the Mirror.

Shortly after Meghan Markle launched the brand, Princess Kate made headlines when she revealed her cancer diagnosis. But even though there’s a health crisis in the family, it’s believed Harry and Meghan cannot slow down because they need to make money.

“They live among mega-rich celebrities in Montecito, and Meghan is determined to live as they live. The idea they might have to make choices about what they can and cannot afford fills the couple with horror. This is why whatever happens to Kate and King Charles, the new brand will not be neglected.”

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