Princess Beatrice In Anguish Over Father Prince Andrew’s Disastrous Newsnight Interview

Princess Beatrice In Anguish Over Father Prince Andrew's Disastrous Newsnight InterviewPicture this: it’s 2019 and Prince Andrew just gave one of the most disastrous interviews that’s ever been caught on record in human history.

But of course it’s no longer 2019. Netflix just brought it back, along with the uncomfortable feelings that will plague the family of said Prince Andrew. Here’s the full scoop.

Princess Beatrice Devastated Over Prince Andrew Interview Shame

Prince Andrew was said to have been warned by a few royals against sitting down with Emily Maitlis and discussing his connection to the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case.

Needless to say, he’s going to be wishing he listened to the person or persons who were thoughtful enough to give him such advice.

While Andrew put up a brave face and even went horse riding a few days before Netflix dropped “Scoop” like a time bomb, his daughter Beatrice is reportedly not holding up so well.

According to a Mail On Sunday source, the backlash that arose as a result of Prince Andrew’s Newsnight interview caused Princess Beatrice some pain.

The source noted: “In fact, Beatrice has been in tears every day since the interview went out.”

“Both Sarah and Andrew rely on Beatrice’s judgement a lot when it comes to dealing with the public as she’s got an old head on young shoulders. You can’t really blame Beatrice because I think the odds were stacked against her on this one.”

Royal Expert Says Princess Beatrice Would Be Upset About “Scoop” Because of the Role She Played In It

Speaking to OK!, Royal expert Jennie Bond sympathized with how Beatrice would be feeling regarding her involvement with the whole disastrous interview.

She said: “It’s altogether very bad news for Andrew and, indeed, for his whole family. Beatrice, in particular, will undoubtedly be annoyed and upset that her part in setting up and monitoring the interview will now be made so much more public.”

She continued: “And there has already been much emphasis on the fact that Andrew was delighted with the interview immediately after it was completed. How stupid does that make him look? And he won’t like that at all. So it all signals more difficult times ahead for the Yorks.”

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