Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Shares Interesting Milestone Update On Her Daughter

Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Shares Interesting Milestone Update On Her DaughterRee Drummond has created quite a successful path with her “Pioneer Woman” brand. Her first cooking show debuted in 2011 and with over 30 seasons under her belt, fans can’t get enough of the show that celebrates homesteading, farm living, and a simpler way of life.

The popularity of “The Pioneer Woman” has created a phenomenon for Drummond, which includes a line of cookbooks, cookware (available at Walmart), stores, merchandise, and so much more.

Still, family is still the most important thing to Drummond and her husband Ladd, and she recently took the time to update fans on what her daughter Paige has been up to.

“Pioneer Woman” – Drummond Updates Fans On Daughter Paige

Drummond recently took the time to share an update with followers and fans on her blog about, Paige, who is back home on the ranch, working full-time.

She notes that the 24-year-old daughter has fully dived into ranch life work, which includes, “sorting cattle to weaning calves to fixing fence and water gaps to building salt boxes and long list of other have-to chores”. She adds that Paige is “getting banged up, scratched, bruised, and clobbered, and time will tell if she’s in this for the long haul! Ladd is loving having her home. (Psst. I am, too!)”

“Pioneer Woman” – How Does Paige Feel About Ranch Life?

In 2022, Paige graduated with a Human Environmental Sciences degree from the University of Arkansas.

With that being said, it’s clear that Ree and Ladd are over the moon about having Paige back home, learning the ropes of the “family” business, not to mention spending more time with them.

Still, it also looks like Paige is gaining some valuable skills along the way. Paige commented on ranch life by saying, “Instead of being in an office building, I’m out here with all the cows. So, it’s definitely really different, but I personally love it.”

In addition to Paige, Ree and hubby Ladd share children Alex (26), Bryce (21), Jamar (21), and Todd (19).

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